5 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Transportation Management System

Finding the right transportation management system for school bus routing comes down to doing your due diligence by asking the most important questions of any provider. You need to partner with the right provider to achieve bus routing efficiency and cost savings. 

5 Key Ways Bus Routing Software Improves Your School Services

Is your current manual bus routing system riddled with too many management issues? Are you looking for efficient school bus routing solutions? Don’t you wish you always had an answer when a parent calls concerned about their child’s whereabouts? 

The Top 3 Cost-Saving Services Of School Bus Routing Software

School bus routing software is rapidly catching on with school districts and transportation management companies around the U.S. for its ability to improve route optimization and render significant cost-savings. 

Route Optimization: 4 Environmental Reasons To Reduce Your Bus Fleet

In a perfect world – to protect your students and the environment, to cut back on unnecessary spending and to comply with clean-air government policies – you’d retrofit your bus fleet or upgrade to newer buses to limit your diesel exhaust emissions.

However, with federal budget cutbacks for clean diesel programs and the high cost of replacing old school buses with new ones (think $125k-$175K per bus), you need a more reasonable alternative to reducing carbon emissions.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems Take On New Meaning

Expectations are high for schools to provide transportation that is cost-efficient, safe and accountable.  Schools are tasked with making the most of their resources while delivering A+ service to their students, parents and communities.

What Does Student Management Software Integration Actually Mean?

Software integration is a matter of increasing concern for schools, as they come to embrace database-driven processes for improving their administrative practices.  There's no doubt that electronic and paperless processes can be a huge boon to schools, as well as saving a lot of money on the back end, but these systems bring their own challenges.

Field Trip Management for Special Needs Students

Whenever you take students anywhere on a bus, you're handling some of the most precious cargo that can ever be on our roads. Obviously, the safety of students should always be top priority. However, things get more complex when dealing with special needs students. Your buses and bus systems have to be ready for the challenges they may present, while still ensuring every student gets there and back safely.

Student Management Software Integration Issues & Troubleshooting

It's usually the little things that cause some of the biggest headaches. 

Laws for Field Trip Planning & Managing

School districts have legal, ethical and moral obligations to keep students reasonably safe and secure when in their care.  This obligation extends beyond the school grounds into off-campus field trips.  These off-site excursions open up students to potential hazards that would not be present in the normal school environment.  Therefore, safeguards must be set for the protection of students and to ensure that risks and potential liabilities are minimized.       

Top 10 Things to Consider When Planning and Scheduling Field Trips

Field trips are educational experiences scheduled off-campus and planned by school personnel to reinforce classroom instruction. Field trips can be a wonderful experience for both teachers and students, providing a memorable learning experience.