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Bus Routing Software Lets You Plan, Monitor And Budget For Field Trips

Field trips have a proven track record of engaging students outside of the classroom and paving the way to a successful educational future. As every school transportation program administrator knows, however, field trips are not always simple to plan.

3 Ways GPS Vehicle Tracking Streamlines Your School Bus Transportation

With the tightly packed schedules school bus transportation program employees face every day, there is little room for uncertainty in regards to the school bus routes drivers are expected to follow.

How The Right Bus Routing Software Improves Drivers’ Daily Routine

School bus driver satisfaction is an important goal for many transportation programs seeking to reduce employee turnover and provide beneficial work conditions to employees.

3 Ways GPS Vehicle Tracking Helps Contractors Win More Bids

Due to the amount of competition involved in winning bids from school bus transportation programs, contractors must provide services that give them an advantage over competitors. GPS vehicle tracking and bus routing software offer benefits that manually creating bus routes simply cannot. 

School Transportation From The Eyes Of A Parent

4 Things Every Transportation Official Needs to Know

Prior to understanding the industry of student transportation I knew my child got on a bus, with a driver and other children and was transported to school.  It was simple right? How hard could it be?  Now that I have an in depth knowledge of the industry I have an unbelievable amount of respect for the men and women that tackle this task every day.  From the directors, to the drivers, to the administrative assistants, I am here to say I could not do what you do! It is not an easy task, there are many factors that come into play.  Below are some tips for transportation officials from a parent’s point of view to hopefully help make your lives a little easier and understand where we are coming from.

4 Ways GPS Tracking Improves Field Trip Management

Schools have a long history of providing cultural experiences to students through the tradition of the school field trip. While there are expenses such as providing school bus transportation and planning bus routes associated with field trips, many schools view these outside-of-the-classroom opportunities as central to their educational mission. 

The Services You Need To Easily Implement Bus Routing Software

School transportation software makes bus route optimization and fleet management easier and more efficient for school district transportation administrators and contractors. 

Use Training To Unlock The Full Value Of Your Bus Routing Software

School districts investing in bus routing software know it is a financially beneficial decision that also increases student safety. These two positive attributes of school transportation software make fleet management simpler and more organized. 

Orbit Gives Back! Route Optimization Grant to Be Awarded

Orbit Software's goal has always been to give back.  Using BusBoss bus routing software for route optimization!  Allowing districts to allocate these savings to other programs that budget cuts have eliminated.

Whether it be to the communities around them through their Orbit Outreach committee or by providing their software program, BusBoss, to non profit organizations in US and Canada.  This year Orbit decided that wasn't enough.  On April 1st, 2015 they released a contest open to every school district in the United States.  Their goal once again, to give back.  

This contest is to give a deserving school district a grant for a public schools route optimization service.  This service could potentially save the winning district thousands of dollars a year through optimizing their transportation, not to mention the cost of the optimization itself could be upwards of $30,000.  All free to the winning district! 

School Bus Safety: Driver Fatigue

Driver fatigue has been the cause of many school bus accidents over the years.  There are instances of school bus drivers falling asleep behind the wheel resulting in students being injured and in the most unfortunate of circumstances being killed.