4 Ways to Decrease Costs With Fuel Management

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shutterstock_54087616.jpgWith school district finances being stretched to the max, administrators are being asked to find innovative solutions for saving money to avoid cutting programs. School District transportation departments are often called upon to minimize their budgets and seek out new ways to save money on transportation costs. Focusing on fuel management is one way to cut costs. Here are 5 ways that you can do just that.

1. Follow a Regular Maintenance Schedule

Keeping your fleet in great shape can reduce maintenance costs down the road, and save fuel. Fuel economy can be greatly increased by keeping school bus tires properly inflated, maintaining proper wheel alignment and adhering to the manufacturer-recommended engine maintenance schedule.

2. Reduce Idling

Unnecessary idling not only wastes fuel, it's also harmful to the environment and causes students to breathe in harmful fumes. According to research, an idling school bus uses nearly one gallon of fuel per hour.

3. Use the Proper Grade of Oil

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, when it comes to choosing motor oil for your school bus. According to the EPA, gas mileage can be improved up to 2% just by using the proper grade of motor oil.

4. Optimize Your Routes

Developing routes that are efficient, minimize idling and take advantage of traffic patterns is one of the best ways for your school bus fleet to reduce costs. Investing in route planning software helps districts to reduce fuel costs by analyzing current routes and stops and creating hypothetical routes that reduce mileage.

By planning the best routes, you reduce the number of buses needed to transport students to and from school, saving valuable fuel and dollars. Your district will also save money by minimizing wear and tear on buses and reducing the amount of drivers needed to get students to and from school each day.

If you’d like to learn more about the ways that your school district can cut costs, through fuel management, contact the transportation specialists at BusBoss. We have a wide range of technological solutions available that will help you to balance your budget, maximize efficiency and transport students safely. We understand the demands placed on school transportation professionals and have developed solutions.

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