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How GPS Tracking Data Keeps Your Bus Fleet Running Smoothly

"Big Data" is a term that's being thrown around more and more in business. Rather than being a single process, "big data" represents the idea that virtually any operation - even a school district - can ultimately find significant cost savings through data collection and analysis.

How Can School Tracking Be A Secure Choice?

Are you still tracking school bus routes and drivers with a pen and paper? Although these methods may have worked in the good ol' days, the demands placed on school transportation systems today require more technologically advanced practices. It is because of this that a growing number of bus contractors, transportation coordinators, and school districts are turning to software-based bus routing programs and GPS tracking systems. By doing so, student safety is increased exponentially. In this post we will explore three of the many ways that student transportation can be made more secure through tracking school programs.

Tracker Tracking Systems Will Never Let You Down

In any transportation system, you want to make sure that all the critical stages of your passengers and vehicles are met with precision, or at least tolerable. In school transportation systems, there are two factors that are critical to observe:

Tracker Tracking Systems Help Monitor Driver Compliance

Have you ever wished you could keep better tabs on your drivers while they're on the road?

Why You Should Purchase Tracker Tracking Systems

With so many responsibilities that need to be taken care of throughout the day (or even during the entire week), the last thing a transportation supervisor wants to deal with is a stolen vehicle.

Why Tracking School Transportation Is Really Important

In the old days, tracking school transportation and creating routes may have been done with pen and paper, but times have changed. Fortunately, this process has been revolutionized with the implementation of top notch software and GPS  tracking systems. This makes tracking more efficient and provides greater detail. But, why exactly is tracking schools transportation so important?

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