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BusBoss TRIPpatrol GPS Vehicle Tracking Software

Take Control Of Your Students’ Safety

TRIPpatrol™ is a real-time GPS vehicle tracking software program that gives students and parents a critical measure of safety and gives administrators more control over their assets. TRIPpatrol school bus tracking software may be used alone or added to your BusBoss routing software.

TRIPpatrol GPS Vehicle Tracking Software Features

TRIPpatrol school bus tracking software allows you to monitor and display the positions of your vehicles as they travel their routes in real-time on detailed, zoomable maps.

TRIPpatrol has no ongoing monthly fees (RFID hardware only), and you can receive location updates every 10 seconds or as often as you like. The following are the most important and beneficial features of TRIPpatrol GPS vehicle tracking software:

  • Display features of the path a vehicle traveled to help track where drivers have been – days, weeks and even years later
  • Track driver times to eliminate excess hours and save money
  • Monitor and display the bus fleet in real-time on detailed area-wide maps with speed, time and location information
  • Set security alerts that trigger an alarm when a vehicle deviates from its normal route, exceeds preset speed limits or stops at an unauthorized location
  • Print activity logs for vehicles to more easily manage routes and ensure driver compliance
  • Integrate TRIPpatrol software with your choice of GPS vehicle tracking hardware, including the ROUTEpatrol tablet app

GPS Vehicle Tracking Software Benefits For Your School District

School bus tracking serves as a sophisticated tool to reduce costs for your school district, as well as provide your district with features for safely transporting students to and from school.

Integrating TRIPpatrol GPS vehicle tracking software with BusBoss transportation management software helps you to:

  • Adhere to Department of Education regulations to track ridership
  • Provide data to federal and state government for revenue maximization
  • Provide real-time data to administrators to help them better manage their routes and drivers, resulting in potential savings of fuel, wages and bus efficiency
  • Capture actual data to help eliminate problem drivers (unauthorized rerouting, speeding, etc.)
  • Utilize our risk management tool to possibly lower insurance premiums and/or eliminate certain insurance claims, improve loss experience rating and save on cash liability payments
  • Provide peace of mind to parents concerned with the safety of their children

With TRIPpatrol GPS vehicle tracking software, you have the real-time data insight you need to improve the safety, security, efficiency and accountability of your vehicles and drivers.

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