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Transportation Management Solutions

Transportation Management Solutions

Optimize Your School Bus Routing & Scheduling

Taking a manual approach to school bus routing is too time-consuming and cumbersome to truly achieve a high level of efficiency. Without automated, real-time reporting, you lack the necessary insight to keep your students safe and accounted for. Our routing software also helps you make informed decisions when routing deviations occur.

BusBoss provides a range of services that come together into a comprehensive transportation management solution.

From route optimization tools to various alerts and ongoing support, we offer the following routing and scheduling software services that result in one comprehensive system for your entire school district:

  • Route Optimization
    Create unlimited “what if” scenarios to contrast and compare your current route costs versus the optimized route costs with BusBoss route optimization software.
  • SafeRoute Planning
    Access real-time information via your BusBoss routing and scheduling software related to student security threats, incident reporting and gaps in critical information.
  • BusBoss Benchmark
    Take a measurable approach to bus route optimization with our diagnostic methodology that identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your school bus management.
  • Cruise Control Implementation
    Start saving money and improving your school bus routing efficiency right away with our quick-start, 21-day implementation program.
  • A+ Software Checkpoints
    Receive ongoing support for your BusBoss routing and scheduling software with our follow-up protocol for training, maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Reports
    Discover new avenues for your transportation management solutions with a variety of built-in and customizable reports to analyze your school bus routing data.

With BusBoss transportation management solutions, we put you in the driver’s seat so you have total control over your school bus routing.

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