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School Bus Driver with Tablet Cropped

school bus route app

BusBoss™ ROUTEpatrol Tablet App

Real-Time Route Navigation and Student Ridership

BusBoss ROUTEpatrol Tablet App displays real-time route navigation with a heads-up display that allows for easy and safe transportation of your precious cargo. Connecting to BusBoss, the school bus route app reflects your custom path modifications. The app also collects student ridership information including time and location of students boarding and exiting the bus.

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BusBoss ROUTEpatrol Tablet App Key Features

School bus driving is a difficult endeavor so we created the BusBoss ROUTEpatrol Tablet App to make it easier. 

  • Provides real-time route details and turn-by-turn navigation in English or Spanish with an easy-to-use interface
  • Connects to BusBoss for updated route modifications, including door-sided pickup
  • Allows the user to select any route by description, bus number, or driver name
  • Allows the district to send the driver notifications by bus or route
  • Tracks student ridership time and location with or without cards using NFC or barcode scanners
  • Includes integrated child check system
  • Alerts the driver to unassigned students trying to board the bus or students at the wrong stop
  • Provides the drivers with pertinent student information including special needs and photos
  • Collects drivers' time and attendance
  • Provides pre- and post-trip vehicle inspection forms for the drivers to complete with maintenance alerts

ROUTEpatrol Tablet App Requirement

BusBoss Professional™ 

A feature-rich school bus routing software program, designed to be flexible and customizable to fit your transportation management needs. Our applications and add-ons are easily integrated to help you effortlessly manage every facet of your school bus routing and scheduling.

BusBoss Professional runs on Windows and Novell networks using a SQL Server database hosted on a Windows-based computer.

Various options exist for Card printing hardware and supplies.

ROUTEpatrol Tablet App Integrations


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