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8 Facts About the EPA's School Bus Rebate Program

The EPA receives a grant of approximately $7,000,000 which will be used in a school bus rebate program, encouraging districts to upgrade older diesel buses. These buses contribute huge amounts of CO2 and NOX to the atmosphere, so it's in everyone's interests to get them off the road or to replace their engines with newer models.

If your district is considering bus upgrades, but don't quite have the money, this could be a major opportunity. The submission period for 2017 has passed, but it's time to act if you want to have a chance of getting some of those rebate funds for the 2018-2019 school year.

School Bus Safety: Identifying High-Risk Drivers

Many challenges face school district transportation managers when it comes to the current bus driver shortage, but one of the biggest issues is keeping driver quality high. Even when good drivers are hard to find, that can never justify hiring a bad driver or one who may compromise school bus safety. Likewise, if a bus driver shows themselves to be high-risk while on the road, they need immediate retraining - or termination - no matter the costs involved.

4 Benefits of RFID Student Ridership Tracking Systems

Technology is making lives easier in just about every way, and school districts are now harnessing the power of these advancements to keep students safe. RFID student ridership tracking has now been implemented in school buses around the country, and these systems are not only improving transportation department safety records, they are also saving them money. Students are issued a unique ID which is scanned when they enter and exit the bus, which is also tracked via GPS. Here are four benefits of RFID student ridership tracking systems.

Can Technology Improve the School Bus Driver Experience?

The iconic school bus is a familiar site during the fall months. Driving this vehicle is still a major responsibility, but advances in transportation technology have done their part to improve the school bus driver experience and make the daily ride safer for students. Here are just some of the tools that are transforming the way the school bus operates.

STN Expo: Perspectives on Driver Training

Though riding a school bus remains one of the safest forms of transportation available, an increased emphasis on school bus driver training across the country aims to increase student safety for those with special needs. At the most recent STN EXPO, three different perspectives on this topic were shared, demonstrating that focus on student safety requires consideration of the needs of students, school bus drivers, student attendants and transportation directors.

Fleet Management Software and School Bus Preventative Maintenance

Technology is rapidly changing the way that school districts manage their transportation departments. Along with solutions like bus routing and tracking software programs, many professionals are relying on fleet management software to keep on top of their preventative maintenance. For some districts, preventative maintenance is a monumental task that takes constant attention, but with the help of the right software program, transportation officials can track inventory and better document the efforts of their maintenance staff.

Five Reasons School Bus Drivers Quit

The current shortage of school bus drivers is really a twofold problem. Part of the problem is recruitment, but the other part is in retention. School bus drivers have a turnover rate that's significantly higher than average - particularly when it comes to retaining drivers over the summer.

Student Tracking: Improving Safety on and off the School Bus

Is it time to consider student tracking systems? For an increasing number of school districts, the answer is yes. Student tracking, such as through RFID systems, offers many distinct benefits in terms of both safety and streamlined administration, with relatively few drawbacks.

How Effective Are School Bus Tracking Systems?

School bus tracking systems are gaining in popularity, but how effective are they? Over the last several years, transportation technology has developed by leaps and bounds, so it can be difficult for school districts to sift through the options and determine which programs can really make a difference. Budget constraints are the norm in most communities, so determining what the positive impact of school bus tracking software will be is usually a must.

Are Drivers Solely Responsible for School Bus Safety?

One of the biggest mistakes we occasionally see people make in regards to bus driving is believing that school bus safety begins and ends on the school bus itself. It's understandable how someone might take a reductive view on the matter since, after all, the driver is the one at the steering wheel.


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