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BusBoss™ LiveSYNC

Automated Student Information Updates

BusBoss™ LiveSYNC automates the process of adding, withdrawing or changing student information simultaneously in BusBoss and in your school district’s SIS (Student Information System), such as PowerSchool, eSchoolPLUS and eSchoolData. Our LiveSYNC student management software eliminates the need for redundant data entry and reduces the chance of error – this means manually importing student data from the SIS export file to update BusBoss is no longer necessary.

Check out how BusBoss LiveSYNC works with PowerSchool, eSchoolPLUS and eSchoolData.

BusBoss LiveSYNC may also be used to automatically update the SIS school bus routing information so district staff and even parents get direct access to look up their routing information themselves, depending on the configuration and permission settings.

A Summary Of BusBoss LiveSYNC Features

  • Automatically adds new students, withdraws students and updates student changes directly from the SIS into BusBoss
  • Verifies that all home and mailing addresses contain data; if either is blank, data is copied from the other (students may have an unlimited number of addresses)
  • Updates pick-up and/or drop-off locations for alternate addresses, such as primary, secondary and split-custody routing
  • Formats addresses into their component parts (house number, prefix, street name, suffix, apartment number, city, state and zip)
  • Updates student addresses within BusBoss with student information system addresses
  • Automatically exports pick-up and drop-off bus route information from BusBoss into student information system tables (stop description, stop time, bus number, etc.)
  • Remote software installation, personal training and support tailored to your needs

Orbit Software, the BusBoss expert, is an official PowerSchool & eSchoolPLUS & eSchoolData Partner, whose software provides the integration function of student data with school bus routing data using our LiveSYNC student management software.


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 BusBoss LiveSYNC Alternative

If you don’t have PowerSchool or eSchoolPLUS or eSchoolData and can’t get administration to approve implementing SIF, BusBoss can still help. BusBoss can create a Custom Import Tool that does everything these other products do to integrate your student management software.

Custom Import Tools can be created for any of the following:

  • Automatically import student information directly from the SIS into BusBoss
  • Automatically update secondary student addresses within BusBoss SIS addresses
  • Automatically export student routing route information from BusBoss into your SIS (stop description, stop time, bus number, etc.)

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