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Personalized School Bus Routing Software

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Information Technology (IT) Managers need answers to the following questions:

  • What server do I need to use in order to host BusBoss school bus routing software?
  • What operating systems is BusBoss bus routing software compatible with?
  • What are the system requirements for BusBoss?

BusBoss Features For Your IT Needs

Quick, Simple Setup Of Your Transportation Management System
Set up your transportation management system in less than 21 days with our quick and simple Cruise Control software implementation.

GIS Maps
Add a new housing development or road in a matter of seconds with an easy-to-use editing toolbar which is featured on a detailed map. The map comes pre-loaded with street names and house numbers. Since all of your map data is stored in the same database for students, schools, routes and more, you can share map data across your network with no additional steps.

Geocode Addresses
Locate student addresses and stops on your map automatically or manually. Then manually move any automatically located addresses or bus stops. Since BusBoss functions the same whether school districts locate student addresses or not, you don’t have to locate student addresses in order to obtain full routing functionality.

Create unlimited sets of school boundaries for redistricting scenarios due to a school closing, new school opening or as a way to balance bus loads at existing schools. Aid the political process by creating small neighborhood zones and generate student count reports to assist the school board in their decision-making process.

State Transportation Funding Reports
The BusBoss transportation management system delivers accurate state reporting to ensure maximum state funding reimbursements. Monthly, quarterly and annual state reports may be generated from within BusBoss to eliminate the need for manual reporting. PDE-1049 and DRTRS electronic submissions are also available.

SQL Server Database
BusBoss uses Microsoft SQL Server Express 2008 or higher, and the database may be located on Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2 or 2012. The BusBoss program may be used on a single workstation or on a network, and multiple users may simultaneously view, modify, retrieve and print information. Open records are automatically locked to prevent overwriting someone else's changes.

System Requirements
If this system is only going to be used for BusBoss, there’s no need to purchase a server machine for your server (a high-end workstation machine is sufficient). If there are going to be more than five concurrent users, we highly recommend purchasing a high-end server machine to store the data. For detailed system requirements, visit our System Requirements page.


BusBoss Can Help With:

  • Easy installation and training using minimal resources
  • Fast, flexible and accurate data conversion for a turn-key implementation
  • Affordable and self-sustaining solution with back-up capabilities built-in
  • No hassle solution so you can focus on other projects

Which BusBoss version has the features you need? Click here to check out our comparison chart.

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