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BusBoss Premiere Integrated Partners

Complimentary School Bus Transportation Products

GPS Tracking Systems

Geotab for BusBoss


BusBoss is pleased to introduce the Geotab fleet management solution from HighPoint GPS, designed to optimize routes, monitor speed and idle times, and alert districts when vehicles need maintenance.

With Geotab on your bus fleet, you'll get enhanced driver safety and productivity, lower fuel and repair costs, insurance discounts and more.  Click here for more info.

Student Information Systems



When you work with BusBoss, you’ll also get access to our partners at PowerSchool, the global leader in student information systems, or SIS.

This unique education technology platform helps administrators, teachers and parents with everything from budgeting to lesson plans to assignment notifications.

PowerSchool supports millions of students in 70 countries around the world, and is the fastest growing program of its kind. Click here to contact PowerSchool.



Skyward’s solutions are used by more than 1,900 public sector organizations worldwide, from small entities to statewide implementations supporting millions of stakeholders. Through a unique approach that blends thought leadership, best practices, and advanced technology, Skyward is redefining what it means to be a strategic partner in the world of enterprise solutions. To learn how Skyward is delivering a better SIS and ERP experience, click here to contact Skyward.


eSchoolPLUS-LOGO (002).jpg

Whatever their differences, parents, teachers and school administrators all want the same thing: to give kids the best education possible.

That’s why BusBoss offers its customers a chance to access eSchoolPLUS by PowerSchool. This intuitive, secure and scalable student information management system is designed to simplify the thousands of tasks performed by school districts each day, freeing school personnel to focus on learning and achievement. Click here to contact eSchoolPLUS.

Other Integrations And Services

Blackboard Communications


For more than 25 years, Blackboard has helped schools by offering a powerful communication platform with a full range of options to address the unique needs of your district.

Blackboard Communications provides emergency messaging, language translations, surveys and surveys, all with the aim of giving your school a proven, easy-to-use tool that gets information to the people who need it, when it’s needed. Click here for more information. 

Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF)


The SIF Association is a unique, non-profit collaboration composed of over 3,200 schools, districts, local authorities, software vendors, consultants and more who collectively work to define the rules and regulations for educational software data interoperability. A standard of set specifications used by all education software companies operates to:

  • Ensure that data is entered only once in one application, and automatically propagates to other applications
  • Allow applications to exchange data more effectively
  • Enable schools to create powerful reports by accessing data from different applications
  • Allow educators to deliver reports securely via the Internet to various organizations

Click here to contact the SIF Association.

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