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Benchmark Transportation Management Solutions

BusBoss Benchmarks

Metrics For Transportation Management Solutions

School bus routing is a layered and complex tapestry of managing student security risks, stop locations, busload requirements, ride times and travel restrictions. Every factor of routing and scheduling impacts efficiency, budgeting and the satisfaction levels of parents and school district personnel.

With BusBoss Benchmarks, you no longer need to waste time manually weaving together the functions and factors of your school bus management. Our transportation management solutions are fueled by a diagnostic methodology that allows you to easily identify the strengths and weaknesses of your transportation department.

BusBoss Benchmarks Routing KPIs

BusBoss Benchmarks takes a measurable approach to bus route optimization on a recurring basis by showing you exactly where you are against your current and future goals.

We start by using our manual scoring system that benchmarks your school bus routing metrics to capture a high-level view of:

  • The efficiency of your current school bus routing methods
  • How much money you’re spending on school bus management
  • Parent, teacher, administrative and student satisfaction levels

The BusBoss Benchmarks system then helps you establish a strong foundation upon which to build smart, efficient and cost-effective transportation management solutions. As you set and gauge performance metrics against your goals, you’re able to make informed decisions to:

  • Save money for your school district
  • Achieve complete bus route optimization
  • Reduce administrative overhead costs
  • Preserve teachers’ jobs and crucial school programs
  • Minimize parent complaints

BusBoss Benchmarks is a proven solution for school bus management. By taking a systematic approach to metrics, we help you streamline your school bus routing to fully address the concerns and swiftly meet the goals set forth by your school district.

Benchmark Your Bus Routing

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