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GPS Student Tracking Software


BusBoss™ STUDENTpatrol GPS Student Tracking Software

Bus Deviation Alerts For Student Safety

In addition to TRIPpatrol™ GPS vehicle tracking software, BusBoss also features STUDENTpatrol™: a GPS student tracking system that uses RFID/NFC/Barcode card readers with a keypad attached to a cellular or radio frequency GPS unit.

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STUDENTpatrol GPS Student Tracking Software Features

Our student tracking system application may be used alone or easily integrated with BusBoss whenever your school district administrators determine a need for generating student routing deviation alerts.

The following are the most important features of the STUDENTpatrol student tracking software application:

  • Live vehicle tracking with real-time bus load counts
  • Track students whenever they enter or exit the bus instantly when they swipe their ID card or the driver manually changes their ridership status
  • Effectively manage daily transportation operations and accurately generate ridership reports
  • Quickly respond to and manage emergency situations
  • Receive bus rider status automatically and immediately (available to transportation personnel, principals, parents and school administration via a secure website)
  • Continuously optimize bus routes according to ridership
  • Send driver notifications directly to the ROUTEpatrol tablet app
  • Send parent notifications directly to the PARENTpatrol mobile app
  • Get security alerts when a student deviates from his or her assigned stop or bus
  • Network the data for display on more than one computer at a time
  • Provide access to parents for peace of mind when they are concerned with the safety of their children

STUDENTpatrol GPS Student Tracking Software Data Capture

The following unlimited transactions are captured and utilized by your school:

  • Data capture in real-time without connection bottlenecks
  • Mobile-ridership captures each time a student gets on or off the bus, including student location and bus number
  • Web visibility makes the ridership viewable via the school district website or Intranet to designated administrators, parents, probation officers and state administrators
  • Ridership is made available for all of your back office systems, such as BusBoss

You do not need two separate vendors for school bus routing and tracking. BusBoss does both, with one fully integrated bus management database. No additional data is required to use the real-time student tracking system, which displays everything on your STUDENTpatrol website.

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