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School Bus Routing Consulting Services

School Bus Routing Consulting Services

Recurring Route Management Services

OSI’s Transportation Operations Consulting Services provide a variety of options to produce solutions for school districts experiencing issues related to growth and imbalance. Projects are tailored for an individual school district’s needs while gaining community support with school planning solutions driven by policy and supported by data.

OSI Staff can be responsible for ensuring all public-school student information is synchronized with the district’s student information system.  Non-public, special education and tech school students will be compared with lists provided by administrators of each department managing these students.

Maintenance of bus routes and stop locations will be kept up to date throughout the year to account for new students, student address changes and student withdrawals.

We also work with K-12 school districts on issues pertaining to redistricting and fleet optimization while accounting for long range school planning.

School districts nationwide are facing difficult planning challenges arising from an increasing student population, an aging school infrastructure, and increasing complexity in student reassignments and school redistricting. These challenges are shared by the communities that must fund building and renovation projects. 

OSI's Transportation Operations Consulting Services can incorporate enrollment forecasting, land use studies, residential growth forecasts, optimal school building locations, optimally balanced attendance zones, and "what-if" attendance, walker and rider zones to provide school districts with optimized school capacity planning and routing solutions.  Route Optimization services can be provided to minimize the number of buses used for routing students to and from their primary addresses. 

Using proven mathematical techniques and our BusBoss routing software, OSI assists school districts dealing with difficult school redistricting plans and school planning challenges that are often conducted in a poorly articulated environment and with conflicting objectives. By approaching projects quantitatively as well as qualitatively, OSI can provide school planning solutions that are driven by data and supported by policies.

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