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Student Tracking System

SafeRoute Planning

Bus Routing Software With Integrated GIS Maps

You have a lot to consider with school bus route planning, but nothing is more important than keeping your precious cargo safe.

With BusBoss’ school bus route planner, you get graphic displays of bus stops and house locations using integrated GIS maps. These detailed maps of your district’s school bus routing area also include additional locations where buses may need to travel.

SafeRoute Planning offers you the following features and services:

Student Security Threats

With real-time information about student security threats, you may effectively route buses around registered sex offenders, known gang and drug areas and liquor stores with just a click. A threat database can be integrated with your bus routing software, so you’re always informed when a new danger has appeared or when an active stop exists within a threat zone.

Incident Reporting

Your bus routing software also contains accurate, up-to-date incident reports. With the incident reporting features of SafeRoute Planning, you can easily record incident information such as the date of the incident, description of the incident and the action that was taken. These reports may also be generated by student, by driver or by contractor responsible for the route, so you’re able to quickly review specific information as needed.

Students With Special Needs

Your student tracking system also accounts for special needs students who may be assigned individual load delays to accommodate wheelchairs or other disabilities. To help streamline your school bus routing, SafeRoute Planning captures the allotted load time to reflect how long it takes these special passengers to get on or off the bus.

Field Trip Coordination

SafeRoute Planning also features “MyTrips,” a field trip planning and costing program that helps you avoid the challenges of coordinating transportation of a large group of students to and from a location outside of your school district.

Data Integrity

With BusBoss’ student routing software, you receive alerts for updated information, such as student medical issues or any change in school bus routes and travel restrictions, to ensure your school district’s records are complete and the right people are notified.

When your map is edited and routes are created or modified, you never need to change screens or go looking for information. When one workstation updates the map, these changes are immediately shown at other workstations.

Route Deviation Alerts

SafeRoute Planning ensures that all of your school bus routing map data is stored in the same student tracking system, so you may share this information across your network. Transportation staff is then alerted anytime a bus driver deviates from his or her scheduled route.

Parents and teachers can keep track of students, receive ETAs and up-to-date student tracking information, including students getting on the wrong bus, by implementing the use of student RFID cards and keypads.

With BusBoss’ SafeRoute Planning student tracking system, you receive feature-rich services that help you ensure each student makes it home safely.

Ensure Student Safety

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