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Personalized School Bus Routing Software

eSchoolData for BusBoss

eSchoolData was created to give school districts a better student data management system. But over time, that system has evolved based on their customers’ needs and input.

Services include:

  • Teacher Connect, a one-stop platform that allows teachers to manage grading, achievement reports, communication with parents and daily attendance rosters.
  • A powerful, convenient scheduling system
  • The early warning and reporting system, which alerts educators when groups of students are at risk of falling short in terms of grades, attendance or discipline.
  • Improved home-school communication through the parent and student portal and teacher connect messaging.

eSchoolData is proud to join forces with BusBoss to give the customers we share a seamless experience. Whether you want to set up a data extract or important, automatically authenticate to a third-party product or allow access to find or post data via our API, our GURU system is ready to meet your specific needs.

eSD is committed to delivering solutions that help schools optimize their operations and improve communication among teachers, administrators and families.

To learn more or contact BusBoss use the form on this page to see how the eSchoolData can help you.

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