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BusBoss™ DISTRICTpatrol Web Application

Shared Transportation Services Accounting System

BusBoss DISTRICTpatrol is an information reporting and accounting system to help consolidate and calculate shared transportation costs for routes used by and billed to multiple districts. DISTRICTpatrol is a web-based system hosted by Orbit Software, Inc. The user data (students, schools, districts, contractors, and routes) is stored in a SQL server database.

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We understand that you must consider a multitude of factors when planning your district's school bus routes. BusBoss™ DISTRICTpatrol billing and payments program helps you:

  • Centralize student information for each district
  • Combine shared costs to be distributed for district billings
  • Calculate multiple district billings to include administration fees
  • Ensure contractor payments are accurate to avoid over payments
  • Maximize efficiency by reducing costs for combining fuel, insurance and driver’s salaries.
  • Ensure total accountability of all of your special needs routing requirements
  • Adhere to Department of Education regulations to plan ridership
  • Provide data to state and federal government for revenue maximization
  • Utilize our risk management tool to lower insurance premiums and/or eliminate certain insurance claims, improve loss experience rating and save on cash liability payments
  • Provide peace of mind to parents concerned with the safety of their children
  • Display district and contractor metrics on an easy-to-use dashboard

DistrictPatrol Dashboard

BusBoss DISTRICTpatrol Networkable Benefits

BusBoss DISTRICTpatrol offers functionalities that work to reduce the time and expense of manually calculating your monthly district billings and contractor payments. Our comprehensive accounting system enables you to:

  • Allow for concurrent users to enter student data, prepare route groupings and estimate contractor bus and aide price per diem.
  • Make contractor payment adjustments to account for changes to contracted mileages.
  • Optimize your entire accounting operation, so you get more done in a shorter amount of time

DISTRICTpatrol Integrations

BusBoss Professional™ 

A feature-rich school bus routing software program, designed to be flexible and customizable to fit your transportation management needs. Our applications and add-ons are easily integrated to help you effortlessly manage every facet of your school bus routing and scheduling.

BusBoss Professional runs on Windows and Novell networks using a SQL Server database hosted on a Windows-based computer.

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