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TRIPpatrol GPS Vehicle Tracking Hardware

TRIPpatrol™ GPS Vehicle Tracking Hardware

Choose the Hardware That Meets Your Needs

TRIPpatrol™ works with any hardware sold by vendors willing to share their device data. TRIPpatrol gives you the power to decide which GPS hardware vendor is best for your needs.

Our open architecture allows seamless integration with most major GPS vendors on the market. From inexpensive hand-held to state-of-the-art vehicle mounted, real-time wireless systems, TRIPpatrol can get the job done. Below are just a few of the types of hardware we have integrated with in the past.         

BusBoss ROUTEpatrol Tablet

School bus driving is a difficult endeavor so we created the BusBoss ROUTEpatrol Tablet App to make it easier.

  • Provides real-time route navigation with an easy-to-use interface
  • Connects to BusBoss for updated route modifications, including door-sided pickup
  • Allows the user to select any route by description, bus number, or driver name
  • Allows the driver to contact the depot via call or chat (version 2)
  • Tracks student ridership time and location with or without cards using NFC or barcodes
  • Includes integrated child check system
  • Alerts the driver to unassigned students trying to board the bus or students at the wrong stop
  • Provides the drivers student information including special needs and photos
  • Collects drivers' time and attendance
  • Provides pre- and post-trip inspection forms for the drivers to complete with maintenance alerts
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GPS Vehicle Tracking Hardware Vendor Spotlight

Webfleet - TomTom Telematics 

TomTom Telematics provides school bus tracking and navigation, fully integrated with BusBoss. Dispatch BusBoss routes to PRO driver terminals installed in your vehicles with the click of a button. Drivers are notified and rerouted when routes change. The integration reduces travel times, mileage, fuel consumption and working hours.

Overlay the planned and actual route to verify compliance. Real-time alerts provide notification of route deviations, excessive speeding, unauthorized stops and idling.     

TRIPpatrol GPS Vehicle Tracking Hardware Options


BusBoss is pleased to introduce the Geotab fleet management solution from HighPoint GPS, designed to optimize routes, monitor speed and idle times, and alert districts when vehicles need maintenance.

With Geotab on your bus fleet, you'll get enhanced driver safety and productivity, lower fuel and repair costs, insurance discounts and more.  Click here for more info.

Synovia Solutions LLC

Synovia Solutions works with schools, districts, municipalities and private industries to apply its unique and cost-effective GPS vehicle tracking technology to various applications. If you are interested in discussing how Synovia Solutions helps you maintain better control over your fleet management using real-time GPS vehicle tracking, click here to contact Synovia Solutions.

Zonar Fleet Management Solutions

Zonar Systems provides electronic fleet management inspections, tracking and operations solutions used by the full range of public and private fleets. Their unique “Inspect, Track, Know” approach enables your fleet management operations to achieve unprecedented gains in efficiencies, cost savings and environmental impact. Click here to contact them.

With TRIPpatrol GPS vehicle tracking software, you have the real-time data from the GPS tracking hardware of your choice.

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