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Personalized School Bus Routing Software

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Geotab for BusBoss

School districts ask a lot from their buses. They need to deliver efficient performance, as well as offer students safe and reliable transportation.

That’s why BusBoss is pleased to introduce the Geotab GO Solution, a fleet optimization program designed to optimize routes, monitor speed and idle times, and alert districts when vehicles need maintenance.

With Geotab on your bus fleet, you’ll get: 

  • Route Optimization - Effectively dispatch drivers and ultimately reduce fuel consumption, mileage, CO2 emissions, and increase your organization's operational efficiency.
  • Enhanced driver safety and productivity - See improvements in driver safety thanks to technology that provides insight to driver behavior on the road, with scores based on factors such as speeding, seat-belt use, harsh braking, and after-hour vehicle use. Geotab also features an accident detection solution, allowing you to respond to an incident anywhere in the world.
  • Lower fuel and repair costs – Use Geotab’s extensive metrics to help you reduce poor fuel consumption. By managing driver behavior such as excessive speeding or idling, and monitoring engine issues, you can save on gas and maintenance.
  • Insurance discounts - Improved driver safety and behavior can help you avoid the premium spikes that come with accidents, speeding tickets and other incidents.
  • Dispatching service - Use the Garmin Fleet 660 & 670 technology to send drivers to the correct destination.
  • Student Tracking - Coming Soon

To learn more or contact BusBoss use the form on this page to see how the Geotab Solution can help you better manage your fleet.

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