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School Bus Transportation Software

BusBoss™ Express

Budget-Friendly School Bus Transportation Software

BusBoss™ Express has many of the same features as BusBoss™ Professional. However, some of the higher-level route optimization features have been removed so that we are able to offer a lower-cost, yet highly functioning transportation management system.

All of the student, school, bus and route information you add to BusBoss Express school bus routing software may be carried over when upgrading to BusBoss Professional. The upgrade process is simple and migrates over all of your data with zero interruption.

The entire purchase price of $1,995.00 may be applied towards the upgrade to BusBoss Professional.

A Summary Of BusBoss Express Features

  • Create and save unlimited scenarios for “what if” school bus transportation planning
  • Access detailed area maps pre-loaded with street names, house numbers, rivers, lakes, parks, etc.
  • Automatically assign students to bus stops based on user-defined walk-to-stop distances
  • Route daily pick-up and/or drop-off locations for alternate addresses, such as primary, secondary and split-custody routing (students may have an unlimited number of addresses)
  • Track student incident problems by date and driver, and print or email reports to parents and school principals
  • Store unique school calendars for each school in your district
  • Access up-to-date sex offender locations with built-in nearby stop alerts
  • Customize your software installation and receive on-site, personal training tailored to your needs
  • Receive quality yearly maintenance and support

BusBoss Express is the perfect alternative for school districts with a limited transportation management budget. It’s also a great starting point for any school district that wants to get started with BusBoss Express features right away, and then upgrade to the Professional program at a later date.

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