Routing Software Keeps Drivers Updated

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With challenges such as students moving in and out of the school district and moving to new homes within theSchool Bus Driver district, school bus drivers need to stay informed about where to pick up the children they are driving to school.

When student bus stops change, web access portals are able to assist school bus drivers. Route optimization software allows drivers to receive daily updates on their computers before they leave to drive their school bus routes in the morning.

According to a great deal of the schools we deal with, one of their most pressing reasons for switching to school bus routing software is to ensure their drivers are kept up to date. Modern bus route software can be leveraged to bring time savings to virtually any district, and enhanced routing reports for their school bus drivers.

Split Custody Routing has become one of the most difficult challenges when planning your bus routes.

Complications with child custody often pose a challenge:

  •  A child whose parents have split custody may take one bus in the morning but a different bus in the afternoon.
  • The same child may also take different buses depending on which parent they are staying with on a given week.

GPS vehicle tracking devices also send daily updates to a driver directly on the bus. If a student will not be taking the bus due to custody reasons or a move to a different home, their school bus driver will know ahead of time so it doesn’t negatively impact the bus route.

Route Software Documents Medical And Special Needs Information

Proper documentation that informs drivers which students are prone to seizures, have allergies or have ADHD ensures a safer bus ride for every child on board. With this information loaded into routing software, bus drivers are able to handle medical situations knowledgeably.

Children who are prone to violence are also documented within school bus routing software so school bus drivers are able to protect other students in the event of a violent occurrence.

As an added benefit, photo rosters improve safety by ensuring that drivers know whom they are picking up at which stop. Without photos to identify students, any child would be able to board a bus.

Route Software Provides Accurate Driving Directions and Route Maps

There are many information points that help school bus drivers follow regulations and drive safely. This includes notes and instructions for each school bus route, including locations such as:

  • Train tracks
  • Areas where deer are prevalent
  • Areas that often see delays or major traffic
  • Sex offender residences
  • Gang activity territories

The school district is able to modify these locations over time when they change, and with each update to the system, the driver is notified through alerts.

Bus route software also provides drivers with other helpful information, including:

  • Their estimated time of arrival
  • The time scheduled to wait at each stop
  • Where to make each turn
  • Specific places to stop (such as “at the red mailbox”)
  • The details of each stop (for instance, whether they should wait for a parent)

It takes a little while to get settled into new bus route software, but the payoff is worth it. Keep exploring and learning about all of the benefits of routing software.  Find new ways to make it save time and money! 

To discuss some of the many ways that you can ensure school bus safety in your school district, contact the team at BusBoss.

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Do you currently have software to plan your bus routes? What do you feel are the most important functionality that others should definitely have? What are you looking for that you don't have?  We would love to hear from you.