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How Routing Software Increases Special Needs Student Safety

Transporting special needs students to and from school is a challenge for many bus drivers, even when school bus routes are organized and a school district’s fleet management is effective.

How School Management Systems Operate

The ways to harness technology to make your school run more smoothly and more safely are expanding quickly.  Just a couple decades ago, it was still standard to see school districts doing most of their record-keeping by hand:  drawing bus routes with lines on a map, doing attendance on paper, and still keeping class scores in physical grade books.

Bus Routing Software: What Dashboard Features Do You Really Need?

School districts searching for the right transportation routing software to suit their fleet management needs often have questions about how they can customize routing programs. Every school transportation program has different requirements when it comes to dashboard features.

How To Improve Special Needs Student Safety With Routing Software

Transporting special needs students to and from school is a challenge for many bus drivers, even when school bus routes are organized and a school district’s fleet management is effective.

5 Benefits of Student Management Software Integration

BusBoss is already the most powerful option on the market for large-scale school bus routing and transportation management. However, BusBoss can go even further! When you use software integration to pair BusBoss with the Pearson PowerSchool student management system, you get an all-in-one solution that brings total oversight to your operations.

Ways A School Management System Makes Your Life Easier

How are you going to be managing the thousands of students, faculty, and other staff in your school system for next year? While you could continue to go with the old fashioned way of lots of paperwork and numerous headaches, there are much simpler solutions being developed constantly that are very inexpensive and easy to implement into your own school's managing structure. In fact, there is technology out there that takes most of the guesswork out of figuring out how to manage your school, your bus routes, and your students at the fraction of the time it would take you using the "old ways." An online school management system isn't just software that will replace your job, it is a tool that will help better your job and here's why.

Easier Student Tracking

How School Districts Can Take Action to Prevent School Bullying

Currently, bullying is a hot topic at schools across the nation.

How Pearson PowerSchool Improves a School’s “Audit Management”

These days, like it or not, a school district depends on the quality of their auditing and reporting. With so much school funding now reliant on proper reporting, a school district absolutely cannot afford to make costly mistakes. At best, this only leads to reduced funding and, at worst, can involve hefty fines.

What's The Purpose Of Student Management?

The main objective at the end of the day for any school is the dissemination of information in an environment that encourages accountability, relevance and retention of the information gathered.  Such are the main objectives of a school administrator, who, as a student manager, is charged with allowing this opportunity and environment to occur on behalf of the students. Here are some of the goals and roles of student management:

Ensure Security With A Student Tracker

Even beyond providing an education, arguably the single most important thing for a school to do is ensure the safety of the students in its care. Every day, over a hundred million parents trust their children to your care for most of the day, and it's absolutely vital that you do everything possible to ensure their children remain safe.



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