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Benefits Of Integrating Student Info Systems With Bus Routing Software

Does your school district need an all-in-one software solution for keeping up with your students? After all, one of the biggest issues when schools look at updating their computer systems is the problem of systems integration. Ultimately,  , since otherwise there's a continual problem with ensuring the data moves freely as it's needed.

Ensuring Student Safety: How GPS Tracking Enhances School Bus Operations

For those overseeing school district transportation, keeping students safe is the top priority. As students travel to school every day, it's important to have confidence in the transportation system. But thanks to new technology, there are even better ways now to make sure students stay safe during their daily trip. Among these innovations, the integration of GPS tracking systems in school buses is especially noticeable.

Curbing Violence on School Buses

School-related violence is on the rise in the United States and this has parents and school district officials worried about the safety of students on buses. Bus drivers work in tight spaces and must constantly multitask. This stressful environment can be tricky to navigate, but specialized training for school bus drivers can help them to manage conflict and prevent violent, potentially tragic scenarios.

Main Talking Points To Confront Parental Concerns Of A Student Tracking Device

Student GPS tracking has been a topic of hot debate amongst parents. While certain myths about student tracking have been spread around, the benefits of this added safety feature to school bus routing software have proven to be far more powerful than the misinformation. 

Ways to Communicate School Bus Route Changes

 When it comes to drawing up bus routes, most districts try to do it at the beginning of the school year and stick with it. Sometimes that’s just not possible, and circumstances beyond their control dictate that routes may have to be re-planned during the school year. This brings up a big problem – how to inform parents of school bus route changes and ensure every child still gets on the right bus home.

Tornado Preparedness For School Bus Drivers


How Do I Know If There Are There Sex Offenders Near My Child’s School Bus Stop?

Many states have laws that prevent registered sex offenders from living too close to schools and parks, but I am not aware of any that restricts their residence based on bus stop location.  Given that suburban and rural America is splattered with bus stops, it is extremely likely that there are registered sex offenders that live near school bus stops.  Registered sex offenders can move just like anyone else.  When was the last time you checked for registered sex offenders near your child’s bus stop?

15 Ways Pearson PowerSchool Integration Brings Peace of Mind

It seems to happen so rarely, but doesn't your school district run more smoothly when everyone's more-or-less satisfied?

Make Sure Your School Bus Safety Plan Prepares You For An Accident

Throughout the many years BusBoss has been bringing school districts transportation management software, we have heard numerous stories about school bus accidents, and these accidents are deeply troubling to us.

Ways to Decrease Costs With Fuel Management

With school district finances being stretched to the max, administrators are being asked to find innovative solutions for saving money to avoid cutting programs. School District transportation departments are often called upon to minimize their budgets and seek out new ways to save money on transportation costs. Focusing on fuel management is one way to cut costs. Here are 5 ways that you can do just that.



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