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5 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Transportation Management System

Finding the right transportation management system for school bus routing comes down to doing your due diligence by asking the most important questions of any provider. You need to partner with the right provider to achieve bus routing efficiency and cost savings. 

Does GPS Vehicle Tracking Equate to 'Big Brother'?

Schools have long had a love-hate relationship with new technology.  Administrators love finding new technological solutions that can save time and money -especially if it keeps students safer in the process- but parents are often wary about exposing their children to untested new ideas.

Improve The Efficiency Of Your Routes By Using Tracking Software

There are a million ways to get from Point A to Point B. But, there is only one that is the most efficient. When it comes to optimizing your bus routes, efficiency is what matters most. By utilizing student tracking software you can make sure each one of your bus routes is functioning as efficiently as possible.

Automated vs. Manual Transportation Management Services

Transportation companies around the world have been slowly awakening to the power that modern computers have to optimize and streamline their businesses. Numerous processes relating to the management of your fleet and your route planning can now be automated through software, resulting in large cost decreases.

4 Myths About Transportation Management Services

In transportortation management services, sometimes popular belief might be easy to accept than fact, especially since the services are directly related to the safety of children, a top agenda for the country. In appeasing the public perception, situations are often mitigated in light of such beliefs, entire budgets and strategies can be altered to protect the myths in transportation management services. While some of the myths are based on some element of truth, they might prove unreliable in certain situations when you need to make decisions, or when faced with a challenge concerning the safety of your students. Here are some of the myths that may lead to decisions or strategies that may not necessary add value to the district transportation management service:

3 Ways To Get Things Under Control With Route Management Software

One of the most frustrating and difficult responsibilities when it comes to managing an entire fleet of transportation vehicles, whether it is cars or buses, is making sure that all of those vehicles are where they need to be, on time, and don't have any missing students. There is, of course, much more to it than just those responsibilities, but the biggest one is undeniably making sure that transportation is efficient and inexpensive while still providing a helpful resource to students and parents alike.

What To Expect From Transportation Management Services

With budgets being crunched around the nation, any enterprise that maintains a vehicle fleet has to be extremely careful about how they spend their money. From private businesses to haulage companies to public schools: your vehicles are one of your biggest investments, one of your biggest maintenance sinks, AND potentially one of your biggest liabilities.

How To Use A Transportation Dispatcher To Their Full Potential

In the hugely competitive marketplace we face today, it is critical for savvy Transportation Directors, Superintendents, and Business Managers to better manage every single business process from your transportation equipment to your drivers to your transportation dispatcher.  For example, in fields like bussing, there are several ways you can streamline the work of your dispatchers to ensure they are operating at optimal potential.

Why Your Company Needs Better Dispatch Software

Before we begin this blog, I just wanted to say something:  Thank you, school bus managers and school transportation officers.

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