How Dispatching Software Can Be Doing More For You

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startup business, software developer working on desktop  computer at modern office-1These days, it seems like being in the school system is a pretty thankless job all around, especially if you follow news reports on schools.  However, you know who never gets thanked?  The folks whose job it is to ensure the busses keep running on time.  Even bus drivers occasionally get a package of sweets on holidays from happy parents.  Those in the background providing transportation management services are totally forgotten.

Well, we're thanking you now.  Cheers!

It may be a thankless job where you only receive attention when something goes wrong, but we know it's a job people can take pride in.  Our children really are a national resource.  Getting them to and from school safely is one of the most important jobs anyone can have.

That's why, if you haven't upgraded your dispatch software in awhile, this is the perfect time to do so.  There's a new breed of school bus routing software and tracking software which can make your job easier, save your school district money, and get children to school more efficiently than ever before.

The Benefits of GPS Dispatch Tracking in Transportation Management Services

Bus scheduling has come a long way since the days of push pins and string stretching across physical maps.  For years, most transportation management services have been using computer software to schedule school busses, to minimize the number of busses and drivers needed. 

Well, the next revolution is here: school bus GPS tracking.  By placing an inexpensive GPS receiver in every bus, it can be tracked in real-time throughout its route.  This brings immediate benefits:

•   No more guesswork.  You know exactly where your busses are at all times.

•   Better parent communication.  If a bus is delayed, you know exactly where.

•   Higher security.  While the chances of any sort of dangerous incident are already low, this further decreases those chances.

•   Better responsiveness.  Dispatching emergency vehicles can be done more easily, with higher reliability.

•   Improved communication between your drivers and your dispatch.

For years, GPS was viewed with some skepticism by the public, who feared it based on privacy concerns.  However, having seen the success of GPS integration in a number of other public services, parents are finally seeing the benefits of GPS tracking for themselves.

More Data Means Better Transportation Management Services

The benefits of modern dispatch software continue from there, however, because we left out a major item: data.  Being able to track every bus, in real time, throughout its route will give you incredible amounts of information:

•   Average speed

•   Fuel costs

•   Exact route lengths

•   More accurate time estimates

•   A highly detailed cost breakdown of your services

This is exactly the information you need to optimize your bus routes even further.  You'll be able to track your costs on nearly everything aside from unexpected accidents with unparalleled accuracy.  You'll be able to trim the fat more closely, optimizing routes based on fuel use and finding new ways to utilize your existing fleet without expansion.

In short, GPS tracking saves you money, along with the other benefits to the district, the students, and the parents.  

Transportation Management Services Need Top-Grade Dispatch Software

It's hard justifying new expenditures in a market that is already hard to make a profit in.  However, in this case, the investment in new GPS tracking and route planning systems is justified.   For a relatively small expenditure, you'll be able to build better and more efficient routes, while keeping the students even safer.

And if that doesn't get you a word or two of praise, nothing will!


In the meantime, if you've got any other questions about how GPS-based dispatch software can help you, contact us or leave a comment below!