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How A Student Tracker Will Protect Your School And Students

As a parent and a school administrator, your greatest concern is the safety of your kids. You need to know exactly where they are, what they are doing and what their parents are saying about where they should be. With many incidents of child abduction and kidnappings, the school and the transportation system to school and back to their homes needs to be monitored to ensure all the kids are where they are supposed to be. In order to protect your students, you need to adopt a student tracker, which will give you an edge in making sure they are safe.

Training Drivers to Deal With Emergencies

School bus drivers are typically required to complete extensive training before hitting the road. In most districts, this includes instruction for dealing with emergency situations. Deciding what topics should be covered can be a difficult decision because training utilizes valuable time and resources. Here are some subjects that should be included in your school bus safety training program.

Transportation Management: Tips for Managing Your School Bus Fleet

Overcoming the Challenges of School Bus Fleet Management

School Bus Safety, Is My Bus Overcrowded?


3 Signs You Need A Better System For Tracking School

In days past, back when school systems had better finances, gas prices were reasonable and parents had actual relationships with their children’s school bus drivers, there was little need for tracking school buses and other transportation.

Tracker Tracking Systems Help Monitor Driver Compliance

Have you ever wished you could keep better tabs on your drivers while they're on the road?

5 Skills To Look For In A Transportation Supervisor

The Job is quite demanding, and for the right reason. For a transportation manager,  the passengers are the most prized assets in the country, and the loss, injury or undesired treatment of any of them is not acceptable. In transporting students safely and efficiently, a lot of work has to be put in to anticipate every turn and incident in protecting their interests.

Why Should I Implement A School Bus Pass System?

The responsibility that comes from running a school bus system is enormous. Every day, hundreds or thousands of parents trust you with the single most precious thing in their lives, believing that you'll get their children to and from school without incident. And, on the whole, this is what happens.

How To Properly Use Transport Software

Running a good transport software solution for your school district’s transportation needs shouldn’t break the bank. And it shouldn’t take a degree in computer science to operate, either.  There are a lot of affordable transport and routing software options out there, but they won’t be much help to you if you don’t understand how to properly use them.  The main thing to know is that the more details you input into the software, the more effective it will be. But let’s look at the steps in more detail:

Routing And Scheduling Software, It Helps Keep You Organized

Consider the scenario where you manage more than 100 buses in the district. You assign each bus with a primary route and another bus as a standby. While the routes are in session, you experience three breakdowns, and the communication systems that you are running break down. This means that more than 200 Children will be late for school all around the district. Three of your drivers call in sick, and you cannot get all of the standbys in, they are either unavailable or will get in too late. You switch to contingency and reroute about six buses for the morning schedule that were planned for the afternoon. Your schedule has been disrupted, you're quickly losing time, a few school principals have made calls wondering about the status of some of their kids, you begin to lose your patience as you bark at your staff to deploy the emergency vehicles to make sure everything is running OK.



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