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College Students and ID Theft: The Essentials

Returning to school after a fun-filled summer, the last thing that will be on your mind is checking your credit or worrying about your identity being stolen. This unexpected crime to students leaves them being the least prepared to ward off identity theft ..

Student_Safety, Safety

Transparency In Transportation: Are Your District’s Bus Routes Safe?

Many parents are shocked when they discover their school district does not use up-to-date fleet management techniques for creating school bus routes. Parents assume their children board the same bus every day, but this is sometimes not true when districts ..

bus_routing_software, route_optimization, Student_Safety, Safety, school_bus_safety

GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems Take On New Meaning

Expectations are high for schools to provide transportation that is cost-efficient, safe and accountable. Schools are tasked with making the most of their resources while delivering A+ service to their students, parents and communities.

route_optimization, gps_vehicle_fleet_tracking, Safety, gps_vehicle_tracking, GPS_Tracking

Transportation_Management_Software, school_bus_management, transportation_routing_software, school_management_system, routing_and_scheduling_software, route_planning_software, school_bus_routhing_software, overcrowded_Bus, Safety, gps_vehicle_tracking, school_bus_routing_software, routing_software

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