GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems Take On New Meaning

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TrackingExpectations are high for schools to provide transportation that is cost-efficient, safe and accountable.  Schools are tasked with making the most of their resources while delivering A+ service to their students, parents and communities.

GPS vehicle tracking provides a solution to deliver real-time data to optimize operation efficiencies, improve overall safety and reduce transportation costs.

Improve Efficiency

GPS vehicle tracking allows districts and contractors to manage their entire fleets.  Real-time data can be analyzed to determine ways of making routes more efficient, therefore resulting in reduced transportation costs.  Optimizing routing and tracking engine idling can help to minimize the impact on the environment by reducing the fleet’s carbon footprint.

GPS tracking systems also lessen the time consuming and manual process of collecting fleet activity needed for state reporting.  GPS tracking provides for an accurate account of fleet data that can easily be collected and submitted for state reporting to avoid auditing and compliance issues.

Ensure Safety

GPS vehicle tracking empowers school officials with the authority to quickly and effectively respond and manage emergency situations.  Real-time tracking allows for immediate notification of emergency situations.  Incidents such as accidents, mechanical breakdowns and weather issues can be quickly identified and communicated to school officials and parents. 

Incidents of speeding, late arrivals or early departures can be tracked and managed more efficiently.  A transportation department or other school official can easily communicate up-to-date and accurate transportation information to parents, such as pick-up and drop-off delays.

GPS tracking systems can aid in the prevention of child abductions and abuse.  Unfortunately there are numerous cases of students being abused or abducted therefore utilizing vehicle tracking technology can confirm the location of vehicles at all times and serve as a deterrent in these situations.

GPS tracking systems provide parents with the peace of mind knowing that the safety of their child or children is the #1 priority.

Manage Resources

GPS vehicle tracking allows districts and contractors to manage their drivers.  They can track driver times to eliminate excess hours therefore reducing overall labor costs.  They can also monitor and track unauthorized stops, route detours, excessive speeding and idling.

Monitoring driver performance ensures that students riding the bus reach their destination safely.

Any school district, contractor or business that manages a fleet of vehicles should get a GPS vehicle tracking system.  Implementing a GPS tracking system will allow for more control over their assets.  This will give them the peace of mind to easily answer the question:  Do you know where your vehicles are?

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