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Training School Bus Drivers for City Driving: Five Tips

As difficult and frustrating as city driving can be in an automobile, the problems are multiplied when driving a school bus. Buses can be up to 45 feet long, which makes maneuvering them around city corners a real challenge. Plus, with a full load of passe..

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Expired Credentials on the Road: Safeguarding School Bus Transportation

There's a lot to keep track of when managing a school district's bus fleet - but don't allow basic licensing and other credentials to go overlooked! Your drivers' licenses and insurance must be maintained, and your buses will also require regular inspectio..

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School Bus Driver Training: De-Escalating Parent Disputes

Tensions in America are high right now, and it's spilling over into our schools. These days, it seems like the news is full of stories about conflicts between parents and school staff, including bus drivers. There had always been occasional reports of conf..

school_bus_drivers, school_bus_driver_training, training_school_bus_drivers

School Bus Driver Strikes And Protests Becoming More Common

The ongoing shortage of school bus drivers may be hitting a breaking point. Schools were already struggling to keep enough drivers on-staff to fulfill their transportation obligations despite the disruption of COVID-19. Now, there's a new threat: school bu..

school_bus_drivers, school_bus_driver_training, school_bus_driver_retention

Four Big Challenges School Bus Drivers Face

Being a bus driver is never easy, but the job has become particularly difficult with the COVID-19 coronavirus still threatening the country. On top of their other responsibilities, bus drivers are now expected to do much of the heavy lifting in protecting ..

school_bus_drivers, school_bus_driver_training, training_school_bus_drivers

School Bus Drivers: Combating Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a serious problem on America's roads. According to compiled statistics, nine people die every day due to a distracted driver, while hundreds more are injured. Distracted driving can happen almost anywhere, at any time, to anyone - inc..

school_bus_driver_shortage, school_bus_drivers, school_bus_driver_training

school bus driver training

School Bus Driver Training: Working With Special Needs Students

Last month, a potentially very dangerous mistake occurred in Waterloo, Iowa: A school bus driver mistakenly dropped off an autistic girl at the wrong location. Unsupervised, she wandered more than a mile away and was found at a local Target. Fortunately, s..

special_needs_student_transportation, school_bus_driver_training, Student_School_Bus_Safety

Driver Training: Avoiding Driver Behavior That Causes Accidents

Nothing is more important for school bus driver training than encouraging them to drive safely. With dozens of young lives at stake on every drive, this is inarguably the #1 priority for any school district. Unfortunately, not every driver training program..



FMCSA Announces Proposed Rule on School Bus Driver Training

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has proposed regulations for entry-level commercial truck and bus drivers to complete certain training prerequisites before obtaining their commercial driver's license (CDL).

school_bus_safety, school_bus_tracking_software, driver_training_requirements, transport_management_software, school_bus_driver_training

Florida District School Bus Drivers on Bullying

Bullying is a major concern across the country, and in Central Florida, a special two-day training session provided special tools for bus drivers facing this issue. Bullying on the Bus Close to 1,500 employees of the Orange County School District in Florid..

school_bus_bullying, school_bus_safety, school_bus_transportation_software, school_bus_driver_training

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