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Safety From The First Stop to the Very Last

Orbit Software's BusBoss transportation management system helps ensure that every kid gets home safely. Our school bus routing software and GPS tracking is accurate and easy to use.


Who We Serve

Bus Contractors

You know how important it is to meet client demand and the complexity involved in doing so. BusBoss can help you:  

  • Keep routes optimized  
  • Keeping costs down
  • Ensure maximum productivity of bus drivers and staff
  • Quickly assess operations with accurate and timely reports
  • Easily manage split custody, transfers, mid-day shuttles and all types of alternate routing

School Administrators

School Administrators have many stakeholders to satisfy including; parents, transportation managers, district IT professionals, and certainly not least, the students themselves. BusBoss can make this job a little easier, with great reporting and business intelligence that will help you expedite smarter decision making for safe and efficient routing.

  • Budget Analysis Tools
  • Safety Reports
  • Executive Summaries

IT Managers

As an IT professional in the school environment, you are always working with an eye to ease-of-use, and great support, because you know that software adoption doesn’t happen without it. BusBoss provides:

  • Easy installation and training using minimal resources
  • Fast, flexible and accurate data conversion for a turn-key implementation
  • Affordable and self-sustaining solution with back-up capabilities built-in so you can focus on other projects

Transportation Coordinators

Some of your most important concerns are how do I ensure my students are safely transported? How do I effectively and efficiently manage Split Custody, Transfers, Mid-Day Shuttles and Alternate Routing? With BusBoss you get:

  • Fast and easy conversion of district data, including all route types
  • Simple and easy to learn navigation and functionality
  • Affordable solution, with unlimited users and no annual per user license fee

Have Questions? Need Help?

BusBoss Benchmark

Identify your school bus transportation department's strengths and weaknesses with a key set of metrics, and then use that information to create a more efficient and cost-effective strategy.

Cruise Control Software Implementation

Why spend six months implementing school bus routing software? Start seeing benefits sooner with our quick-start professionally managed program.

SmartRoute Dashboard

Ensure you have all the critical school bus transportation tracking and routing information you need in one easy-to-read format.

Route Optimization

The BusBoss Fleet Optimization tool automatically generates optimal routes, for individual schools or combined schools, while adhering to user defined selected load counts, bell times and travel constraints.

SafeRoute Planning

With BusBoss’ school bus route planner, you get graphic displays of bus stops and house locations using integrated GIS maps with satellite view underlays.

A+ Software Checkpoints

Our A+ Software Checkpoints program ensures BusBoss is wholly invested in providing you with the most comprehensive and feature-rich transportation management solutions.

Premiere Partners

Capital Works


SuccessRoute Training

The SuccessRoute Training program helps you learn, optimize and get the most out of your transportation management software investment.

Accelerate Your End of School Year State Reporting

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Offerings include:

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  • 7.5 Secrets to Streamline Your School Bus Route Planning
  • 10 Essential Ways to Schedule Safe Bus Routes
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