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Tennessee School Districts Forbidden From Requiring School Bus Masking

It's distressing how basic public health measures fighting COVID-19 have become heavily politicized, but the trend continues. Following in the footsteps of states like Texas and Florida, Tennessee's governor Bill Lee recently signed an executive order (PDF..

school_bus_safety_plans, school_bus_masking, student_masking

School Bus Safety: Optimizing Driver Views

When a bus stops and children are loading or unloading, you'd want to think the driver is in full control of the situation - but they aren't. Buses, by their nature, have massive blind spots which impact the driver's visibility. This is a school bus safety..

school_bus_safety, keeping_students_safe, Student_School_Bus_Safety, school_bus_safety_plans

Kentucky to Permit School Bus Stop Arm Camera

More than 20 states in the United States allow school districts to install stop-arm cameras on their buses - and Kentucky may be the next to join them. House Bill 189 recently passed the state House, and it seems likely to go on to become law in the near f..

stop-arm_camera, school_bus_safety_plans, Kentucky_school_buses

Helping Special Needs Students Adapt to COVID-19 Safety Requirements

Transporting special needs students always has some additional challenges, and that's especially true during the coronavirus pandemic. School bus drivers and transportation directors need to be making concerted efforts to help special needs children mainta..

Student_Safety, school_bus_safety, school_bus_safety_plans

Protecting Your School Bus Drivers As Schools Reopen

As schools look to reopen in Fall 2020 despite the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, one of the biggest challenges will be in successfully adapting their student bus transportation system. When crafting safety plans, it's vital that one group not go overlooked: y..

school_bus_drivers, school_bus_safety_tips, school_bus_safety_plans, covid-19

Barrier Installation Approved for School Buses

How do you maintain school bus safety, when there's a pandemic going on? Districts around the country are wrestling with how to limit the spread of COVID-19 within their buses, something which is no easy task. One proposal was to install plexiglass barrier..

school_bus_safety, school_bus_safety_tips, school_bus_safety_plans

Safeguarding Students Getting on and off the School Bus

School buses are among the safest forms of transportation ever created, but there are still times during a bus's route that the students may be in danger - and no situation is more dangerous than when students are getting on or off the bus. One of the most..

school_bus_safety, school_bus_safety_plans, school_bus_tips

Drastic Changes for Back-to-School 2020

For better or worse, back-to-school 2020 is here around the country, despite the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. Every district has their own solutions for how to continue providing education despite the coronavirus, but one thing is indisputable: drastic chang..

Student_School_Bus_Safety, School_Bus_News, school_bus_safety_plans, covid-19

Virginia School District Adds Safety Tech to School Buses

If you want a model for how technology can be used to improve school bus safety, you could easily look to Chesapeake Public School District in Chesapeake, VA. As highlighted in a recent School Bus Fleet article, the district has made a nearly unprecedented..

school_bus_safety, school_bus_transportation, school_bus_safety_plans

Does Your School Bus Safety Plan Overlook Critical Dangers?

When was the last time you ran a tornado drill for a school bus? It's a simple question, but in our experience, a lot of districts get uncomfortable when you ask it. Now, if you can answer "recently!" then that's great - but too many districts tend to focu..

school_bus_safety, school_bus_drivers, school_bus_safety_plans

School Bus Safety During the COVID-19 Pandemic

For school districts planning on reopening in the fall, the next few weeks will be spent planning thoroughly on how to reduce the risks of disease spread. COVID-19 is still active throughout North America, so children need to be kept as safe as possible.

school_bus_safety, school_bus_safety_plans, covid-19, coronavirus

CDC Considerations for Student COVID-19 Testing

What do you do if you suspect a student coming to school in the fall has the COVID-19 coronavirus or may have been exposed to it? Districts across America are asking this question. Fortunately, they have some guidance. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC)..

school_bus_safety, school_bus_safety_plans, student_covid-19_testing, covid-19

How to Setup Social Distancing on a School Bus

Are you going to be able to maintain social distancing on your school buses? If not, your entire district will be at risk of COVID-19 outbreaks. Any districts re-opening in the fall must take all possible precautions to maintain school bus safety, and mini..

school_bus_safety, school_bus_safety_plans, social_distancing

School Bus Safety Plans: What Might Be Missing?

How robust is your school bus safety plan? Of course, any school district will have safety plans in place for their buses and transportation system. However, these plans are rarely complete. Arguably, they cannot be - unexpected situations are always possi..

Student_School_Bus_Safety, school_bus_safety_tips, school_bus_safety_plans

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