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Creating a Culture of Safety: Best Practices for School Bus Operations

When training and maintaining your school bus drivers, few topics are more important than bus safety. School buses are among the safest types of transportation on the road, but that requires drivers who are driving properly and aware of the limitations of ..

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School Bus Safety & Driver Fatigue

Driver fatigue has been the cause of many school bus accidents over the years. There are instances of school bus drivers falling asleep behind the wheel resulting in students being injured and in the most unfortunate of circumstances being killed.

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Safe-Driving Incentives To Keep Your Top Bus Drivers

The use of in-bus GPS systems continues to spread, and for good reason. Geolocation tracking leads directly to better oversight, faster communication, shorter bus runs, and an overall safer experience for students on every ride.

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Training School Bus Drivers.jpg

Training School Bus Drivers for City Driving: Five Tips

As difficult and frustrating as city driving can be in an automobile, the problems are multiplied when driving a school bus. Buses can be up to 45 feet long, which makes maneuvering them around city corners a real challenge. Plus, with a full load of passe..

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More Stringent Requirements for TN School Bus Drivers

On November 21, 2016, a true tragedy occurred in Tennessee. A 24-year-old school bus driver with a history of speeding was involved in a school bus crash that killed six students and injured over a dozen more. In response, the state of Tennessee enacted Ho..

school_bus_drivers, School_bus_driver_trainig, School_bus_driver_safety

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The Future of School Bus Driver Safety: Four Things To Look Forward To

Vehicle technology is advancing at an incredible pace these days, probably the fastest since the early days of automobiles. The convergence of tech fields such as cloud computing, vehicle tracking, high-resolution optics, and artificial intelligence is cau..


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