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Behind the Wheel Struggles: Tackling Bus Driver Shortages and Overloaded Routes

Students standing in overloaded school bus aisles? That’s the situation some districts are facing, and it’s understatedly dangerous. Most U.S. school buses don’t have overhead handholds, so an unexpected fast stop can send kids tumbling.

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Time's Up: Urgency in Addressing School Bus Drivers with Expired Credential

As a school district transportation coordinator, it's vital to ensure your buses are always fit for duty. Typically this involves focusing on repair and maintenance issues. However, it can be easy to overlook one other crucial matter: credentials.

transportation_management_services, school_bus_drivers, School_bus_driver_trainig, School_bus_driver_safety, school_bus_route_planning_software

Boosting School Bus Safety With Defensive Driver Training

Well-trained bus drivers are the foundation of school bus safety. It doesn't matter what kinds of buses you drive or the routes you create if you don't have drivers who are always putting passenger safety first in their thinking. That's why it's vital to o..

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Training School Bus Drivers for Worst-Case Scenarios

No one enjoys contemplating the worst things that can go wrong, but when students' lives are on the line, it's important to consider as many scenarios as possible. That's why it's so important to supplement your regular school bus driver training with spec..

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training school bus drivers

Training School Bus Drivers in Positive Behavior Management Improves Discipline

School bus drivers have to do several jobs at once while on the road, and one of the most important is maintaining discipline among the passengers onboard. Keeping students quiet and well-behaved is a major safety issue, and can help contribute to safe dri..

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School Bus Driver Training: Handling Disputes With Parents

Recently, social media was buzzing when a video went viral of a Denver parent forcing her way onto a stopped school bus, and getting into a physical altercation with the bus staff that ultimately required police to break up. This is definitely a worst-case..

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More Stringent Requirements for TN School Bus Drivers

On November 21, 2016, a true tragedy occurred in Tennessee. A 24-year-old school bus driver with a history of speeding was involved in a school bus crash that killed six students and injured over a dozen more. In response, the state of Tennessee enacted Ho..

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New Federal Mandates for Entry-Level School Bus Driver Training

Big changes to how entry-level school bus driver training is handled are coming, with new hurdles that new drivers have to clear before getting their license. These changes are coming from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), a part of ..


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