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School Bus Crash Statistics

Making Sense of School Bus Crash Statistics

"Is it safe?" Every parent asks this on a nearly daily basis, and understandably so. Parents need to be reassured that their child will be protected when out of their care, such as when riding the school bus. Since any school bus crash tends to make big he..

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Are You Educating Parents On The Benefits Of Riding The School Bus?

Have you reminded your district's parents and guardians about why riding the school bus is important? School buses have been part of American school life even before the invention of the motor engine, with the earliest "buses" being horse-drawn. It's easy ..

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School Bus Passenger Safety

Five Tips for Ensuring School Bus Passenger Safety

As we start the new school year, one of the most important issues on the mind of every transportation director should be school bus safety. Even though school buses are already by far the safest vehicles on the road, they can always be made safer. We've ma..

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