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Navigating the Challenges: How Bus Routing Software Adapts to Weather and Traffic

At this point, the issue of creating static school bus routes has been largely solved. Modern bus routing software can work with even the largest districts, chewing through thousands of potential routes for hundreds of buses to deliver optimized solutions...

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Ensuring Student Safety: How GPS Tracking Enhances School Bus Operations

For those overseeing school district transportation, keeping students safe is the top priority. As students travel to school every day, it's important to have confidence in the transportation system. But thanks to new technology, there are even better ways..

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Top 3 Reasons For GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems

Expectations are high for schools to provide transportation that is cost-efficient, safe and accountable. Schools are tasked with making the most of their resources while delivering A+ service to their students, parents and communities.

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School Bus Passenger Safety

Five Tips for Ensuring School Bus Passenger Safety

As we start the new school year, one of the most important issues on the mind of every transportation director should be school bus safety. Even though school buses are already by far the safest vehicles on the road, they can always be made safer. We've ma..

school_bus_routing_software, GPS_Student_Tracking, Student_School_Bus_Safety, School_Bus_Security, School_Bus_Passenger_Safety

school bus tracking-1.jpg

School Bus Tracking Can Bring Peace of Mind to Parents

Everyone says, “Think of the children!” when it comes to school bus tracking, but perhaps we should be saying, “Think of the parents!” instead. Discussions about bus tracking tend to revolve around the many safety benefits that tracking brings to students,..

student_gps_tracking, school_bus_gps_tracking, student_tracking_technology, GPS_Student_Tracking, GPS_Parent_App

Who Reaps the Benefits of GPS Student Tracking?

School districts all across the country are implementing GPS Student Tracking programs. The reasons for implementing GPS technology vary, and it can be confusing to know who benefits most from it. However, there are distinct reasons why school districts, p..


GPS Student Tracking.jpg

3 Reasons GPS Student Tracking Is So Popular

There’s no denying that advanced technology is a part of the daily lives of most Americans. School district staff and parents expect to locate students quickly when an issue arises, and they expect transportation departments to have access to the technolog..


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