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Beyond the Wheels: Exploring Innovative Designs for Modern School Buses

Modern School Bus

When it comes to "classic designs," it's hard to get more classic than the big yellow school bus. The basic look of American school buses was cemented in the 1940s, and hasn't changed much since... but the technology inside them has.

Modern school bus designs have numerous new features that improve their safety and reliability, and even more optional add-ons that can go further. Combined, these make modern school buses far better than buses of previous decades!

Reasons School Bus Drivers Quit

The current shortage of school bus drivers is really a twofold problem. Part of the problem is recruitment, but the other part is in retention. School bus drivers have a turnover rate that's significantly higher than average - particularly when it comes to retaining drivers over the summer.

To do anything about this, a school transportation manager should understand why bus drivers are so quick to quit. While there has been little large-scale research into the problem, anecdotally we hear the same reasons over and over.

What Should Be Included In A School Bus GPS Parent App?

school bus gps parent app.jpg More and more districts are starting to adopt GPS tracking systems in their buses, to help them track and optimize their fleets. However, GPS systems can have another big benefit. When paired with the right school bus GPS parent app, it can make life easier for parents while drastically cutting down on "where is my kid?" calls to the main office.

The two go together hand-in-hand, if you're using the right app. There are a lot of options on the market, so here are some of the most important features to look for.

Safer Bus Routes: Avoiding “Danger Zones"

Scheduling safe school bus routes is a serious initiative for every school district. As a school administrator, transportation manager or transportation contractor, your main goal is to get students to and from school safely, every day. 

3 Simple Driver Strategies To Plan Safer Field Trips

For hundreds of years, field trips have been a tried and true teaching technique. Taking students out of a classroom and into a "real world" situation has always been a good way of reinforcing the lessons, and showing that they aren't just abstract exercises.

Dealing with Bullies on the Bus

Bullying in the educational setting is a problem that has captured the attention of school districts across North America. Anytime the physical and emotional safety of a child is threatened, their ability to learn decreases. According to the U.S. Department of Education, nearly 10 percent of school bullying happens on buses. In order to keep bullying at bay in your district, it’s vital to train bus drivers so that they are prepared to handle threats.

Student Tracking Made Simpler

Keeping track of students is a priority that is increasing in importance in school districts across North America and around the world. One of the easiest and most cost-efficient ways to track students is by utilizing an ID system. Meta Description: Student ID badge usage is an efficient and cost-effective way to track students. Learn more about utilizing RFID systems  to keep students safe and save districts money.

Specialized Transportation Services

School bus transportation is one of the easiest and safest ways for students to get to and from school. Students with special needs, however, may need certain accommodations to ride the bus safely. School districts across the country are assessing the effectiveness of their specialized transportation services and determining how they can provide the safest and most efficient bus rides for every student.

What Are School Bus Drivers Looking For?

There are a lot of factors behind the current shortage of school bus drivers. One of the biggest reasons is that school bus driving can be seen as an unattractive career choice. There are many common problems and complaints about school bus driving which can prevent otherwise qualified people from pursuing it. A school district should look to mitigate these factors and offer school bus drivers what they want from their jobs. This will go a long way towards ensuring their routes remain fully staffed.

Identifying High-Risk Drivers

Many challenges face school district transportation managers when it comes to the current bus driver shortage, but one of the biggest issues is keeping driver quality high. Even when good drivers are hard to find, that can never justify hiring a bad driver or one who may compromise school bus safety. Likewise, if a bus driver shows themselves to be high-risk while on the road, they need immediate retraining - or termination - no matter the costs involved.

There are plenty of warning signs of a driver who is at high risk of accidents and other problematic behavior, so keep an eye out to ensure your drivers are always prioritizing safety.



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