Tracking Student Incidents And Maintaining Bus Safety

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School Bus Safety is an often neglected topic for many people, which is unfortunate because millions of students are transported daily on school buses.  We have a civic responsibility to promote school bus safety whenever, and wherever, we can.

When a student misbehaves on a school bus they cause a distraction for the bus driver leading to a potentially unsafe situation.  School districts have policies regarding behaviors on the school bus, but it is important that this information is tracked so those policies can properly be enforced.

When tracking your incidents, you should be recording:

  1. Name of the person recording the incident report
  2. Student Name
  3. Date and time of incident
  4. Route, Bus, and Driver
  5. Type of incident
  6. Action taken
  7. Description of the incident

When you use school bus transportation software like BusBoss, you can easily track incidents as well as notify disciplinarians, students, and parents via email.  By using a software application to track your incidents, you can make the data available to any school personnel that needs it.  When the information is stored on a piece of paper in a filing cabinet, it is easy to misplace records and harder to enforce school policies.


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