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What Does Student Management Software Integration Actually Mean?

Software integration is a matter of increasing concern for schools, as they come to embrace database-driven processes for improving their administrative practices.  There's no doubt that electronic and paperless processes can be a huge boon to schools, as well as saving a lot of money on the back end, but these systems bring their own challenges.

Student Management Software Integration Issues & Troubleshooting

It's usually the little things that cause some of the biggest headaches. 

How School Districts Can Ensure Critical Student Information Is Easily Accessible

If your school district isn't doing everything possible to put student information where it's easily-accessible to those who need it, you're just creating a lot of problems for yourselves.

12 Ways Pearson PowerSchool Integration Saves a School Money

We don't need to tell you that saving money -and trying to increase funding- is a priority for any school.  With budgets continuing to be slashed, and local communities often unwilling to fund bonds or more property taxes, it's often left entirely to school administrators to make "enough" out of too little.   We've been saying all along that Orbit Software's BusBoss is one of the best investments a school can make, for reducing its transportation and administrative costs.  However, now that BusBoss and Pearson PowerSchool can be integrated, you've got the option for an amazing cost-cutting combination.  

12 Ways Pearson PowerSchool Integration Reduces School District Response Times

As folks say, “Time is money.” Yet, in schools, time is practically everything.  Time determines your funding. Time determines test scores. Time determines scheduling. Time, ultimately, dictates nearly everything that happens during a school day, starting when your buses leave in the morning and only ending sometime after dark.

12 Ways Pearson PowerSchool Integration Saves School Resources

BusBoss has gotten better!  Thanks to our new PowerSchool integration, it's possible for schools around the world to merge their bus-routing and student information systems into a single software suite. Doing so creates one of the most powerful combined tools on the market, anywhere, for managing virtually every aspect of a school's day-to-day operations.

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