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What Does Student Management Software Integration Actually Mean?

Software integration is a matter of increasing concern for schools, as they come to embrace database-driven processes for improving their administrative practices.  There's no doubt that electronic and paperless processes can be a huge boon to schools, as well as saving a lot of money on the back end, but these systems bring their own challenges.

ICE: 15 Things a Student Information System Can Tell You

Are you still managing your student information on paper? Or are you still juggling Excel files, rather than investing in a true database solution?

How Pearson PowerSchool Improves a School’s “Audit Management”

These days, like it or not, a school district depends on the quality of their auditing and reporting. With so much school funding now reliant on proper reporting, a school district absolutely cannot afford to make costly mistakes. At best, this only leads to reduced funding and, at worst, can involve hefty fines.

What's The Purpose Of Student Management?

The main objective at the end of the day for any school is the dissemination of information in an environment that encourages accountability, relevance and retention of the information gathered.  Such are the main objectives of a school administrator, who, as a student manager, is charged with allowing this opportunity and environment to occur on behalf of the students. Here are some of the goals and roles of student management:

Protect Your Students And Your School With A Student Tracker

As a parent and a school administrator, your greatest concern is the safety of your kids. You need to know exactly where they are, what they are doing and what their parents are saying about where they should be. With many incidents of child abduction and kidnappings, the school and the transportation system to school and back to their homes needs to be monitored to ensure all the kids are where they are supposed to be. In order to protect your students, you need to adopt a student tracker, which will give you an edge in making sure they are safe.

Court Ordered Split Custody School Bus Routing

As a transportation director, you have many responsibilities.  Accommodating court ordered split custody school bus routing is just another one of them.  While you may find this to be a nuisance, there is school transportation management software available that can help keep track of it all.  

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