How A Student Tracker Will Protect Your School And Students

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As a parent and a school administrator, your greatest concern is the safety of your kids. You tracking-softwareneed to know exactly where they are, what they are doing and what their parents are saying about where they should be. With many incidents of child abduction and kidnappings, the school and the transportation system to school and back to their homes needs to be monitored to ensure all the kids are where they are supposed to be. In order to protect your students, you need to adopt a student tracker, which will give you an edge in making sure they are safe.

How A Student Tracker Works

One option is an RFID enhanced ID card unique to each student that interacts with the school management system and the routing and transportation system to log locations with time. Using long range readers, the student tracker requires no contact or specific placement for activation, simply passing by locations fitted with these readers will log the student's location. Student tracker logs locations while entering and exiting the bus, and while entering the school and out. The student tracker does not store personal information, but has a digital signature unique to the student that is translated by the school management system and the routing and transportation system as student details. Since the systems are secured, there is no unauthorized access that can compromise the student's information.

Once a student enrolls in the school, they get their unique ID card fitted with the RFID tag. Their residence is logged and recorded in the School management system and registered also with the routing and transportation system. The routing system determines the best route for the student, and allocates a schedule and a route for transporting them to and from school.

Averting Possible Scenarios

As the school administrator, the transportation manager or the parent, your concern is for thousands of students whose location may not always be known, but thanks to your schedule and the combined resources of the RFID logs, you are able to determine where each student is while they are under your supervision.

Picture for example, one of your students was supposed to be at school, but one of the teachers noted their absence. As the school administrator, you check the system and discover that they never logged in at the entrance.  You check the transportation logs or call your transportation manager to determine where and when you picked the student up. You find out that the student exited the bus in the morning at the school entrance. A further search finds your student at the local mall hanging out with some delinquents. You call their parents and report the incident.

For the transportation system, the drivers cannot leave until all the designated students are onStudent Tracker the bus. The student tracking system that is connected to the bus tells the transport manager where the bus is, and the possibility that one student may be missing. The transport manager quickly reschedules the bus route and informs all parents on the expected time of arrival.  If there are any missing students, the situation is reported immediately for locating the missing student. In most situations, they are usually not far and once the circumstances have been determined the bus ride can be resumed.

Cost Effective

The student tracker is an inexpensive but very effective method of tracking students and making sure they are where they are supposed to be for their own safety.  It does not infringe on their privacy, and it provides great feedback for worried parents and School Administrators, narrowing their search parameters by small margins.

The student tracker uses simple technology, and does not attract any recurrent fees apart from the replacement of a lost or broken identification card. It is ideal for Schools in keeping their students safe, and provides more than 100% Return On Investment.

Parent Notifications can also be added for a monthly subscription cost.  Ensure parents their child's safety is your number one concern. 

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