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How NOT to Use a Vehicle Monitoring System

Back in the old days, keeping track of each individual vehicle's gas consumption, mileage, and possibly repairs meant a lot of reports, careful tracking, and possible human errors in the system. And when it comes to bigger fleets of buses that are transpor..

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4 Reasons Why GPS Vehicle Tracking Software Has Become Essential

School districts throughout North America are being urged to up the level of safety they provide to their students, while at the same time cutting costs. While this is not an easy feat, it’s also not impossible, due to ever advancing transportation industr..

vehicle_routing_software, vehicle_monitoring, gps_vehicle_tracking, GPS_Tracking

Keep Things In Line With Vehicle Monitoring

Do you know where exactly the vehicles and drivers in your fleet are going while they're on the clock? While it might not seem like a huge deal where they might be at every hour, it is actually very important for your reports and budgeting. This is because..

school_management_system, vehicle_monitoring, school_bus_routing_software

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