Keep Things In Line With Vehicle Monitoring

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Do you know where exactly the vehicles and drivers in your fleet are going while they're on theVehicle Monitoring clock? While it might not seem like a huge deal where they might be at every hour, it is actually very important for your reports and budgeting. This is because it could mean a majority of those billable hours are being wasted or not properly utilized by the driver, making you pay in the end. Instead of being left in the dark about such crucial information, you can have the proper vehicle monitoring hardware and software so you aren't spending more money than you need to be, on top of many other reasons.

It Can Be More Than Driver Monitoring

Let's take one particular scenario as an example: one of your vehicles is late to their destination and when you get in contact with the driver, they say they are still currently driving. The biggest culprit in this case is going to be unexpected traffic, but there is also the risk of the driver not doing their work in a timely fashion or straying away from the designated route. When you don't know, that means they can continue to do this or alternatively, you can't provide alternate routes for your drivers among bad traffic so they can remain on time.

This doesn't mean that you're accusing your drivers of being incompetent or not doing their job. In fact, you can simply install vehicle monitoring for the sake of having precise gas consumption reporting and finding faster, more convenient routes for your fleet. Monitoring isn't a way for you to catch them "in the act," it is a way for you to run a highly efficient fleet without the headache that older, traditional vehicle monitoring and route management can bring.

So, what exactly can vehicle monitoring change for you, besides what was mentioned above? The technology can provide:

  • An inexpensive solution to any problems that you might be having with your current route and fleet management. No longer do you need to rely on traditional means such as radio and physical maps. The technology has been around for quite some time and made better each year, so much so that any business can now easily afford it.

  • Unlike previous forms of monitoring, where you would have to refresh the current location of the vehicle and might be behind by ten minutes, everything is now in real time. Your entire fleet can be easily tracked and watched, ensuring they are on time and providing the best possible back-up for your fleet from the data management system

  • Be alerted when vehicles stray away from designated locations and routes, allowing for you to keep track of vehicles that might be stolen or a driver going off course. Doesn't that sound better than desperately trying to recoup the money from a stolen car?

  • Your daily, weekly, or monthly reports on mileage, gas, and vehicle maintenance will become even more focused and precise because of all the data you can get from vehicle monitoring. Take the estimating completely out of your reports so your budgeting will start to make a real difference on how you ramp up your business.

Keeping things in line with vehicle monitoring is much more than monitoring your fleet and drivers, it is also making sure you're keeping things in line with your entire business. Being able to save an extra hundreds of dollars a month through monitoring sounds greater for you than having to waste hundreds of dollars because you didn't have the right kind of data to back up your reports. Be ready for anything with vehicle monitoring.