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Alternative Fuel Tax Credits Extended Until Fall 2020

The last few years have been rocky for the Alternative Fuel Tax Credits introduced during the Obama administration. These tax credits were intended to spur the adoption of alternative vehicle fuel sources, including alternative school bus fuels, as well as..

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Electric School Buses Coming In 2019 - Time To Think About Upgrading?

An electric school bus is one of those ideas that often seems to sound better on paper than it is in practice. Everyone knows that fossil fuels won't last forever, and they’re bad for the environment. But the costs of moving to electric, and the significan..

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Propane-Powered School Buses Lower the Cost of Student Transportation

School districts across North America are switching to alternative fuel sources for their bus fleets, and for good reason. Propane helps to reduce the costs of school bus transportation while also helping to reduce emissions.

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Missouri School District Gets 110 Type C CNG School Buses

Use of alternative-fuel school buses continues to expand around the country, and represents a promising shift away from unsustainable (and polluting) oil-based fuels. Today's news comes out of North Kansas City School District (NKCSD), in Missouri, which h..

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Arizona School Buses Embrace Propane Fueling

Someone call Hank Hill: Propane could be one of the solutions your school district is looking for in lowering school bus transportation costs!

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STN Expo: The Inaugural Leadership with Propane Autogas Awards

This summer, School Transportation News, along with the Propane Education & Research Council, presented the first annual Leadership with Propane Autogas Awards to three seperate school districts. These school districts were honored for adopting alterna..

alternative_fuel, propane_fueled_buses, fuel_management

School Buses Going Green: The Push for Alternative Fuel

Though school buses have not always been known for their fuel efficiency, many school districts across the U.S. and Canada have been making the switch to alternative fuel sources and environmentally friendly transportation management system options. This s..

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