STN Expo: The Inaugural Leadership with Propane Autogas Awards

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shutterstock_15240334.jpgThis summer, School Transportation News, along with the Propane Education & Research Council, presented the first annual Leadership with Propane Autogas Awards to three seperate school districts. These school districts were honored for adopting alternative-fuel buses and planning for future improvements to their school bus fleets. Propane is one of the alternative fuel sources for school buses that is hailed for its cost-saving and environmental benefits. It is also considered safer for students with allergies or respiratory issues.

STN Expo Awards

The awards were presented as part of the Green Bus Summit at the Reno, Nevada, school bus transportation event. Created as a way to recognize school districts that are creating cleaner and safer environments, the special awards will be presented annually.

Honored this year was the Houston Independent School District, Mobile County Public Schools, and the East Sac County Community School District. Houston’s fleet currently has 123 propane-powered school buses and they plan to add more. The district introduced propane buses in 2011.

The East Sac County Community School District began utilizing propane school buses to combat cold weather. The frigid conditions led to challenges with fuel management. They plan to eventually convert their entire fleet to propane.

Mobile County Public Schools currently has 80 propane buses, which represents more than 10 percent of their fleet. They plan to add more propane-powered school buses in the future.

Effective Fuel Management for School Bus Fleets

Along with conversion to alternative fuels, school districts are relying on additional technology for effective fuel management. School bus routing software, for example, is helping transportation departments to develop optimal routes, which save fuel and reduce idling. As stricter environmental standards are implemented across the country, school districts will continue to seek out solutions that will reduce emissions and save money while keeping students safe.

To discover more about the technology that is helping school districts optimize bus routes, reach out to the team of transportation specialists at BusBoss. We’d be glad to discuss the many software options that transportation departments are utilizing to increase the efficiency of their fleets.

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Does your school district have propane-powered school buses in its fleet? Has this saved your district money? How difficult was the conversion? We appreciate your comments.