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school bus stop arm

Four Tips for Stop Arm Camera Success

School districts around the nation are exploring use of stop arm cameras as a way to deter unsafe driving near their buses. However, a stop arm camera by itself won't stop bad drivers. BusBoss has some tips to help ensure the success of your camera initiat..

school_bus_safety, illegal_passing, stop-arm_camera_technology

school bus safety

Maine Passes School Bus Stop Arm Camera Bill

On June 17, 2019, Maine Governor Janet Mills signed Senate Bill 166 into law - fully legalizing the use of school bus stop arm cameras across the state. As with similar laws in other states, these cameras can be used to identify and penalize motorists who ..

school_bus_safety, stop-arm_camera_technology

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Safe Kids Worldwide Promotes Stop-Arm Camera Advocacy

It’s a situation bus drivers have seen countless times: They bring the bus to a stop, extend the stop-arm, begin to let students disembark – only to see a car behind them ignore the stop sign and speed past. Every time this happens, children are endangered..

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Georgia County to Implement New Stop-arm Camera on School Buses

Fulton County, Georgia, is implementing a new program that will use stop-arm cameras to catch drivers who illegally pass school buses. School districts across the country are finding success with similar programs, designed to enhance school bus safety. Sto..

illegal_passing, stop-arm_camera_technology, Georgia_school_buses

Indiana Gets a Grant for Stop-Arm Cameras

Indiana Gets a Grant for Stop-Arm Cameras

Indiana is now leading the way in the push to increase school bus safety with stop-arm cameras. The East Noble School Corporation (ENSC) in Indiana has been awarded a $50,000 grant by the state's Department of Homeland Security specifically for the purpose..

school_bus_safety, illegal_passing, stop-arm_camera_technology

Is Stop-Arm Camera Technology Making School Bus Transportation Safer?

Illegal passing of school buses is a huge safety concern for school bus transportation officials. In a 2013 report for the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, during a single-day count, school bus drivers documented over 3,000 vehicles illegal..

school_bus_safety, school_bus_transportation_software, illegal_passing, stop-arm_camera_technology

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