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School Bus Routing Software: Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have some questions when it comes to all of this talk of school bus routing software, especially when so many other schools are starting to use it. It's not uncommon to have questions about software when it is promising such lofty goals: bette..

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Routing Software Keeps Drivers Updated

With challenges such as students moving in and out of the school district and moving to new homes within the district, school bus drivers need to stay informed about where to pick up the children they are driving to school. When student bus stops change, w..

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4 Ways You'll Benefit From An AVL GPS System

Do you know exactly where your entire vehicle fleet is during those crucial moments? Contrary to what you might think, it is imperative that you know where all of your vehicles are while they're either en route to their destinations or even simply parked i..

Fleet_Tracking_Systems, student_tracking_systems, route_planning_software, avl_gps, gps_vehicle_tracking, school_bus_routing_software

How A Transportation Routing Software System Lowers Costs

Budget. The big bottom line. It’s impossible not to think about it because when the buck stops so does your bus. With transportation routing software you can help lower your transportation services’ cost by helping each vehicle in your fleet operate at the..

Transportation_Management_Software, transportation_routing_software, route_planning, transportation_manager, route_planning_software, school_bus_routing_software, routing_software

5 Reasons You Need Professional Route Planning Software

Feeling the immense pressure from traditional route planning for a brand new school year? All of the maps, managing huge bus fleets, and making sure all of the students under your care are safe and get to and from school in a timely manner shouldn't leave ..

route_planning, route_software, routing_and_scheduling_software, route_planning_software

Top 4 Frequently Asked Questions Of School Bus Routing Software

You probably have some questions when it comes to all of this talk of school bus routing software, especially when so many other schools are starting to use it. It's not uncommon to have questions about software when it is promising such lofty goals: bette..

route_planning, route_planning_software, school_bus_routing_software

6 Reasons Why You Need Route Optimization Software

With the recent shooting tragedy that occurred in Connecticut, students’ safety in school is once again in public focus nationwide. While the tragedy may have been difficult to avoid, anyone who has the responsibility to keep the students safe in a school ..

route_planning, route_optimization_software, route_planning_software, school_bus_routing_software

Use Route Software To Keep Things On Track

School district transportation managers know: there's an amazing variety of challenges that could arise on any given day with the school's bus system. From flat tires to backed up traffic to children on the wrong bus, you need to be able to respond to chal..

route_software, route_management_software, route_planning_software

3 Tips To Properly Using Route Software

According to a great deal of the schools we deal with, one of their most pressing reasons for switching to route software is to enjoy the cost-savings. Modern bus routing software can be leveraged to bring savings to virtually any district, and with report..

route_software, route_planning_software, school_bus_routing_software

How To Properly Use Route Planning Software

Technology has helped all sorts of industries do business much more efficiently, safely, and quickly. One of those industries happens to be transportation to schools, whether they happen to be in a major city or out in the suburbs. Route planning and manag..

route_software, route_planning_software, transportation_supervisor

3 Reasons To Use Route Software

Depending on how long you've been working in schools, you might remember the “good” old days when bus route planning was done by hand. The transportation coordinator stayed up late at night using pushpins and string on a map to try to create bus routes. An..

route_software, route_planning_software, school_bus_routing_software

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