4 Ways You'll Benefit From An AVL GPS System

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Do you know exactly where your entire vehicle fleet is during those crucial moments? Contrary to BusBoss Routing Integrated with Dreevo Unitswhat you might think, it is imperative that you know where all of your vehicles are while they're either en route to their destinations or even simply parked in the lot outside. This is because there are many risks that are involved with a fleet, such as a driver becoming lost, a vehicle being stolen, or even one of the vehicles being in an accident.

Rather than not having the right kind of technology to become even more efficient with your route management, you can install GPS enabled devices into your vehicles and use an AVL GPS system in your data center or headquarters.

Why is it so imperative that you use AVL GPS software and not something else? Besides the possible scenarios that were explained above, there are many other reasons to start using it and kicking your old system to the curb. In fact, there are four great reasons why you'll benefit from it with your own fleet. Check out the reasons below.

1. Automatic Feeds

There is no need to manually update the current locations of the vehicles because the location can be updated via cellular data, text messages, web based software, on a GPS console, or even through hand held radio. With so many ways to keep track of your fleet, why not use AVL GPS technology? Not only that, but with recent advances in technology the automatic feeds have become highly accurate and faster to update, making everything real-time with all of your vehicles.

2. Better In Rural Areas

AVL technology is able to penetrate into those normally "dead zone" locations, such as rural countryside or through tunnels that GPS cannot find a signal. Instead of losing contact with one of your vehicles, or even your entire fleet simply because of a certain location, you can stay in contact every step of the way. The information can be bounced back to you by GSM/CDMA cellular services, rather than radio frequencies, which also means highly accurate information that would have been hard to acquire in the past.

3. Increased Budgeting

Now that you'll have AVL GPS installed, you can keep precise reports of where exactly your vehicles are going and have been. That means comparing different routes, determining how much gas is consumed for certain routes, and even keeping track of drivers who might be going off route or taking extended breaks. All of this and more can be monitored so you can do better budgeting, saving the company hundreds of dollars per month between gas and vehicle maintenance.routing software

4. Simple To Install

Finally, how long is it going to take to have your entire fleet all equipped and ready to go once you decide to use AVL GPS? Actually, it doesn't take very long at all to get everything set-up and installed because of how accessible AVL GPS has become. This means less down time for your fleet and more time for you to get back to work and running a business. Ideally, the entire set-up can take up an afternoon or a couple of days, depending on the size of your fleet.  Which is nothing compared to the endless return on investment that the technology will bring you.

Besides being very inexpensive for practically any business out there and everything mentioned above, what isn't there to love about AVL GPS? There is no need to constantly be stressed about route management when such technology has become widely used throughout the industry and makes the process of managing vehicles streamlined and relatively stress free. Be able to go from a cluttered mess to a finely tuned route management strategy that saves you money.

What's stopping you from switching to an AVL GPS system?

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