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3 Key Reasons To Implement Bus Routing Software This Summer

Few school district transportation employees look forward to coming back to work after summer break. For most transportation staff, this is the time of year they must complete route optimization tasks, either manually or with outdated software.

If your current school bus routing software makes planning bus routes a disorganized, hectic experience, perhaps it is time to upgrade to a new route management system that includes the latest fleet management technology.

At the end of the school year, transportation administrators meet with school bus drivers to close out their schedules for the year. Administrators review the year with each driver and take suggestions for improvement next year.

Route Management Software: How Long Does It Really Take To Implement?

One of the primary concerns of school district administrators seeking to use fleet management and GPS tracking software for route optimization is the amount of time the implementation process takes.

How A Transportation Routing Software System Lowers Costs

Budget. The big bottom line. It’s impossible not to think about it because when the buck stops so does your bus. With transportation routing software you can help lower your transportation services’ cost by helping each vehicle in your fleet operate at their peak efficiency. 

The Secret To Saving School Money In 2014: Reorganizing Bus Routes

If your school district's budget feels too tight for the upcoming year, you may be sitting on top of a goldmine of potential ongoing cost savings. 

4 Signs Your School's Bus Route Is Safe And Efficient

How long has it been since your school district updated its bus routing and tracking policies?

4 Secrets To Using Route Management Software

Currently, one of the most powerful upgrades on the market for any ground transportation business looking to optimize its services is a good piece of route management software. As map analysis techniques evolve, software becomes even-better at handling complex routing problems.

Use Route Software To Keep Things On Track

School district transportation managers know: there's an amazing variety of challenges that could arise on any given day with the school's bus system. From flat tires to backed up traffic to children on the wrong bus, you need to be able to respond to challenges as they occur quickly and efficiently. With so many precious riders involved, safe response is your number one priority.

3 Signs You Need Route Management Software

Are you having a hard time managing and optimizing your school's transportation systems?

3 Ways To Get Things Under Control With Route Management Software

One of the most frustrating and difficult responsibilities when it comes to managing an entire fleet of transportation vehicles, whether it is cars or buses, is making sure that all of those vehicles are where they need to be, on time, and don't have any missing students. There is, of course, much more to it than just those responsibilities, but the biggest one is undeniably making sure that transportation is efficient and inexpensive while still providing a helpful resource to students and parents alike.

Signs You Need New Route Planning Software

As technology becomes even more integrated into daily life, it will become even more commonplace when it comes to tracking routes and school buses. Instead of having to configure bus routes and distances students walk to the closest bus manually and potentially making errors, routing software is making sure everything is efficient, cost-effective, and keeps the kids part of the bus system safe. But, what happens when your routing software starts to become obsolete, or simply isn't working for you?



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