Route Management Software: How Long Does It Really Take To Implement?

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route_software_implementation_timeOne of the primary concerns of school district administrators seeking to use fleet management and GPS tracking software for route optimization is the amount of time the implementation process takes. Bus routing software offers a significant number of benefits to school transportation programs. Some of the primary reasons administrators choose route management systems for their transportation needs include:

  • Increased student safety
  • School bus route efficiency
  • Cost savings

It’s important to plan ahead when implementing bus routing software because it is not feasible to achieve route optimization when you make a software purchase two weeks before your district requires school bus routes to be completed for the school year.

Software implementation takes approximately 30 days, and the process of learning how to use bus routing software requires additional time after your system is ready to use. Learn how to plan effectively for your deadlines when implementing your new route optimization program.

30-Day Route Management Software Implementation

When your bus routing software provider sends you a proposal, they should include the project implementation time. Generally, software implementation takes 30 days. Some software providers offer you a timeline that maps out what aspects of the process are scheduled to take place on certain days.

The 30 days required for implementation begins from the time you decide you are going to make a software purchase, through loading data into the system, onsite training and having the system in place and ready to use.

It may take an additional 30 days once your route management software setup is complete to experiment with the program and understand the features well enough to achieve route optimization. In all, complete implementation should not take more than 60 days.

Tips For Efficient Fleet Management Software Implementation

Because waiting until the last minute to make a software purchase poses problems for planning school bus routes on time, it is advisable to conduct early research once you are aware of your district’s budget. You must allow enough time to collect information and load data into the program.

It’s best not to worry if your data changes, as this is inevitable. The most effective way to load information is to have the majority of it ready at the beginning of the program setup.

Having your IT resources on hand is another beneficial way to ensure implementation goes smoothly. Transportation programs should submit a ticket to their IT department for help with the following processes:

  • Data extraction
  • Ensuring the correct hardware is in place
  • Preparing the server
  • Infrastructure setup

Some transportation programs benefit from the advantages of vehicle tracking software by using a contractor who has purchased the software. School districts should approach their contractor in order to receive the correct routing information.

Knowing how much time route management software implementation requires helps school districts plan effectively so they are able to use the tools to achieve route optimization with accurate data and expertise.

Conducting research on fleet management and bus routing software is a beneficial first step towards creating safer, more efficient bus routes within your school district. Online resources are valuable for administrators who want to learn more.

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