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School Bus Routing Software & Licenses

One definition of “change management” is that it is the intentional route traveled by an organization – school district or transportation service providers, for example – from where you are to where you want to be. There are few surprises if the change is ..

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Data-Driven Decision-Making: How Analytics Revolutionize School Transportation

In 2016, the Maine Department of Education performed a Transportation Case Study. Software for school bus transportation had never been used, and its implementation enabled the transportation department to replace manual bus-routing processes with technolo..

BusBoss, GIS_technology, GIS_routing_systems, School_Bus_Fleet_Management, school_transportation_software

Overcoming Inefficiencies in Outdated School Bus Routes

Houston parents were concerned and then angry about hours-long school bus routes for the district’s student-passengers. “The kids get off the bus and they rush to the bathroom,” said one mom. Another parent said he tracked his student; after one hour on th..

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5 Benefits of GIS Routing for Student Bus Transportation

Student bus transportation technology has advanced tremendously over the past several years. Today, transportation professionals are relying on Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to increase efficiency and manage their programs with ease. Here ..

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