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One definition of “change management” is that it is the intentional route traveled by an organization – school district or transportation service providers, for example – from where you are to where you want to be. There are few surprises if the change is strategic. But it’s harder when software licensing holds you back.


Look for Change Management in School Bus Routing Software

When school districts ask what to look for in school bus routing software, one of the things we recommend is to avoid software providers that charge a per-user fee. You shouldn’t suffer penalties for progress; change and growth are ongoing in well-managed organizations.

Four benefits of unlimited users over per-user fees are:

  1. Collaboration – The key to student management software is the automated integration of information updates in real-time. This substantially lowers the margin of error.
  2. Cost savings – Per-user costs get expensive, especially as increased administrative personnel are required to manage large populations of students. Again, large and growing school districts shouldn’t pay more for efficient software than smaller areas.
  3. Inclusivity – Software management by a few, well-trained people is an obstacle to growth. It fosters division, segmentation, and wastes time when only a fraction of your team can manage daily changes to student data. Software should be simple and easy to use for personnel at every level of operations.
  4. Scalability – With unlimited licensing, you can add or reduce personnel where needed as well as move them from one school to another without worrying about restrictions (or retraining).

BusBoss: 26+ Years of Experience in Transportation Management

Another question we are often asked is “Why BusBoss?” There are many student transportation software and software-as-a-service providers. Some are “best” for navigation; others are best for smaller bus fleet management or high-level analytics. Perhaps our “best” advantage is the experience we can offer your district based on over 26 years of transportation management with organizations like yours. That’s why our route management consultation services are well-respected.

BusBoss is quite simply, an industry leader that established many of the models other companies use. We have all-size, user-friendly fleet transportation management software that was developed with 3 objectives:

  • Software that is comprehensive, yet easy to learn and flexible to use.
  • Software that keeps the district in control of management processes.
  • Software that supports quick, easy, and efficient data conversions and start-up periods for districts.

…and our software is used by organizations that include:

  • Adult medical transportation
  • Government-sponsored educational programs
  • School districts
  • School transportation contractors
  • Special-needs services

Your school district’s BusBoss transportation software license comes with options customized to your situation. For example, we can merge your student data files into your bus routing software or even scan your paper files. We have transportation professionals available to work with you and for you.

Before you decide on any transportation software solution, call 866-740-8994 or contact BusBoss.

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